Riding Adventure Motorcycles

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Adventure motorcycles are the fastest growing segment within the motorcycle industry. What exactly are adventure motorcycles? I've always thought that the concept of adventure motorcycles is oxymoron because all motorcycles are an adventure to ride. But actuality, true adventure motorcycles are made to eliminate normal limits that start at the end of paved roads.

We, at Siima MotoWear have put together some thoughts and views about adventure motorcycling:

All of us who ride motorcycles are non-conformists to some extent. I've always taken it a measure further by not limiting myself to the same roads everyone else controls. Adventure motorcycles take you places other vehicles cannot. If you don't think you would enjoy a ride through the woods, take a ride on the seasideor in deserous plains. Also, try an entire days ride. Usually less than 200 miles total.

Adventure motorcycles appear in all shapes and sizes but have common characteristics. Good ground clearance and suspension are invaluable. Some sort of engine protection is needed whether it is a skid plate or something like that.

I really believe that all manufacturers are under the impression that an comfortable stock seat is mandatory. Nearly all modern adventure bikes are equipped with comfortable seats. Both the position of the seat as well as the seat itself are made to provide the maximum comfort to the rider.

Why do we ride adventure motorcycles?

We are able to access places most people can't. We can challenge ourselves by riding in difficult conditions. We develop into better and safer drivers by finding out how to ride in a less than ideal environment that continuously changing. It is also, so much more fun getting lost and ask for directions from strangers (who eventually might become great friends).

Remember that adventure motorcycling requires that you should properly protected with adventure gear.

Personally, I don't think there are any negatives to adventure motorcycles.

If you disagree, please let me know with your comments below.




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