Help Make An ADV Glove Like No Other!

siima sibirsky adventure gloves prototype

Hello Everyone,

You probably already know by now through Siima MotoWear social media, that i am working on a new motorcycle glove. I have given a lot of thought to this project and tested many many ways to make the gloves as versatile as possible in order not only to reflect the philosophy and culture of Siima MotoWear but above all, to be ergonomic and effective for adventure riders around the world.

There are a few things that have priority with regards to the design:

- The ability of the gloves to be gauntlet and short at the same time.

- The ability of the glove to transform to waterproof or not using hipora lining via a dual system.

- The ability of the gloves to be highly comfortable while riding.

Let's take things one by one.

When it comes to having a short and long, let's say glove, the challenge is how the gloves are going to be connected, and of course how will they look.

split view of the motorcycle adventure glove siima sibirsky

At this point i am not that concerned with the looks of the gloves. There will be several amendments with regards to the looks. Trust me, it will look nice :)

Now, to the connecting part.

First idea is to use a YKK zipper that is rigid enough while at the same time it will make our lives easy when it comes to zipping and unzipping that part. There are two types of YKK that i am planning to incorporate. One is the VISLON® Standard coil 5 or 8 and the other is the QuickFree™ coil 5. Both are made out high quality materials and are a great choice for this product.

Hard part is now. in order to be comfortable and look nice at the same time i 've came up with the following: Attach a soft fabric in the inside girth of the zipper. This fabric will have some latex so it can be stretched and "grab" sort of, around the wrist. Rider won't feel any zipper touching the wrist area.

On the outer girth of the zipper area i am planning to place a stripe that on the outer side will have leather and the inner side will be made of 600d textile. In between the two there will be cotton. So the stripe will be soft and nice while it will look nice with the leather outside and it will feel nice with the textile on the inside causing less friction on the zipper.

It might sound easy but it's not.

There are different parameters that should be taken into consideration. Number one is safety.

Whatever the design, if it doesn't meet certain safety standards it's pretty much useless.

Then you have comfort, which in many ways contradicts with safety. Just as you thought you got the perfect balance between safety and comfort you suddenly discover a detail that completely destroys every hope you had and resets the project to the perfect imbalance.

full upper view of the motorcycle adventure glove

But let's say you got the safety vs comfort balance and you are now ready to move on to the next level.

Some would say why move on to the next level? Just keep it as it is. Looks good (almost) has the safety we need, so do it! It only needs some refinements and you are good to go.

The answer is.... (drum roll) No!


Because is it's not versatile it doesn't represent me and what i want to offer to touring and adventure riding community out there.

It has to have something unique and not only makes it stand out of the rest but most importantly, it offers something riders will find useful. Everyone of you can come up with a standard design and push it into production. The question is to offer something that very few (or no one) offers while it actually has a good use and makes riders' life better in every way possible.

So back to the gloves.

There are two types of "innovations". First is the short-long in one and the second is the hipora system that makes these gloves waterproof anytime a rider wants.