Electric Motorcycles: Why Are Riders Still Reluctant To Buy?

Just like any other technology, Motorcycles are evolving as well. Be it the design, power, or the engines we are continuously seeing changes with every passing year. We have much more powerful and stylish bikes than ever before, and with such competition in the industry, we are yet to see more evolved bikes soon. One recent evolution in the bikes industry is the invention of electric motorcycles. This might seem a new concept to some of you, but these electric motorcycles have started to become a popular option for riders all around the world.


This is because we now have quite a few brands in the market that have launched electric bikes, and with so many options available, riders are quickly converting to electric motorbikes. But is that the only reason why riders are reluctant to buy electric motorcycles? In this article, we will discuss what electric motorcycles are and Why riders should prefer an electric motorcycle over the gas motorcycles? This will also help you to decide whether you should get an electric motorcycle or not. So those of you who don't have an idea what electric motorcycles are! Let us give you a brief idea of these bikes.

What is an electric motorcycle?

The concept is not very complicated and to put it simply for the readers, an electric motorcycle or scooter is powered by electricity instead of gas or petrol. These motorcycles don't have an engine like other traditional motorcycles. They contain rechargeable batteries and electric motors to supply power. This is the only difference in the electric and petrol bikes, and with so many electric bikes brands in the market, we have these electric bikes available in all shapes and sizes. There is no special driving license or extra tax for the bike. Your insurance company will claim it just like they claim the petrol bike and you need to wear the same protective riding attire while riding the bike.

The idea is simple, which is to move to an environment friendly and greener world. Climate changes and running out of natural fuel resources have been a big concern all around the world. That is why it makes sense to move to the electronic age. The government's from all around the world are aiming to ban diesel and petrol-fueled bikes by 2040. Since there won't be diesel and petrol bikes available you will eventually have to switch to these electric motorcycles.


However, the rider's community still seems reluctant to this transition. When we talk about bikes, we talk about speed and performance, and this is what seems to be the issue with this transition. There is a concern that they might have to compromise on the speed and performance because of this transition. They assume electric bikes to be underpowered as compared to traditional bikes and that they might have to face power outage issues with these bikes.

To address the first issue, these electric bikes are not under power at all. Instead, they offer instant torque and power, and that is why they are very fast. If you are only concerned about power, then electric motorcycles won't disappoint you. With 100 per cent torque, these electric bikes will provide you with the speed that a field bike can never match. The gas-powered engines take time to spool up peak power, and the engine is required to be spun at high RPMs. This is not the case with electric bikes and gets instant torque and peak power instantly from 0 RPM.

For the second concern, we must say there is room for improvement. With regular bikes, you can simply refuel the tank and can continue riding the bike, but with electric bikes, you might have to wait for the recharge. This is why these bikes are best for intercity transportation only. But we are also seeing bikes with improved battery performances that can last a day or two and get recharged in no time.

Should you consider an Electric Motorcycle?

The answer is Yes, and why not? There are both financial and environmental benefits of electric bikes. These bikes require very less maintenance because these bikes don't have spark plugs, oil, timing belts, or air filters. Some electric bikes don't even have a clutch or gearbox. The only parts that will require maintenance are hydraulic fluid, tire, and brake pads. With these electric bikes, you will also be contributing to the better future of the global community. These bikes help reduce carbon footprints and lowers the emission of carbon dioxide in the air. Since these bikes are much quieter than regular bikes, it also reduces noise pollution. However, for those who cannot do without the roar of the bike, designers have some special bikes designed for them as well.

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