Top 5 Motorcycle Adventure Destinations You Should Go

If motorcycle adventure is your idea of fun, you are on the right page. This article here aims to give thrill seekers and adventurers like you an idea of the best places to take your adventure. For riders like you, hitting the road no matter the destination is in itself an adventure, right? To you, the journey itself is an adventure and not the destination. Whatever road you are riding through, you can make a great experience out of it.

However, that does not mean that you would not choose a motorcycle destination that is difficult, exhilarating and beautiful to travel, right? You want a destination where you are free to feel the wind and see the beautiful of the world as your ride your motorcycle. In that case, here is a list of our top 5 motorcycle adventure destinations that offer wonderful sceneries and exciting riding adventures you should definitely go.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with the top five motorcycle adventure destinations you should go:

1. Route 66

Perhaps the most famous motorcycle adventure destinations of all, the Road 66

route 66 in the united states , motorcycle road

also known as The Mother Road spans 3, 939 km. Through the Route 66, Midwest USA is connected to the West Coast with Chicago winding to L.A. The Route 66 is famous as it crosses States including Kansas, Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona. Riding US Route 66 is like stepping back into the country’s history with you drifting by many sights along the way including Art Deco signs, truck stops and small communities as well as the changing landscapes along the way.

multiple layers motorbike jacket

2. Ruta 40

routa 40 motorcycle adventure road

Dubbed The End of the World, the Ruta 40 is Argentina’s longest road. In all of South America, the Ruta 40 is known as one of the longest and busiest roads. Ruta 40 spans 5 301 km that winds from Cabo Vírgenes or Santa Cruz to the Quiaca or Juiuv on the Bolivian border. When you take the Ruta 40 for your motorcycle adventure, you are sure to see some magnificent scenery and major attractions. Some of the stunning major attractions you will see on the road of Ruta 40 include the Strait of Magellan, Lakes Region, Tampalaya National Park and some other national parks.

3. Tibet to Everest

One of the most difficult but most beautiful motorcycle rides in the world, Tibet is

from_Tibet_to_Everest_ by_motorbike

where you can travel as if you are on the roof of the world. Spanning 3500 km, the route starts from Lhasa and ends in Kashgar. Riding along the Tibet road will have you see impressive areas such as when you pass in Dang with the Himalayas showing you some of the best views towards the Mount Everest. The Himalayas being the highest mountains in the world is one of the most popular motorcycle adventure destinations that will give a very satisfying trip.

4. The Troll Ladder

The Troll Ladder in Norway

Trollstigen or the Troll Ladder is a road in Norway that legend says is a land with roads seemingly defying gravity. The Troll Ladder is located in Rauma, Norway, about midway of Trondheim and Bergen. Though considerably a short stretch of road, it offers 11 hairpin bends, which also drops down to about nine-degree descent not to mention the road is also often foggy and wet. If you are someone looking for a real motorcycle adventure destination, this one makes quite a difficult but beautiful ride you can have.

5. Pan- Americana to Ushuaia

If Tibet to Mt. Everest is the route known to be the roof of the world, surely you

would want to ride towards the bottom of the world in the Pan-American Highway route. The Pan-American Highway starts from the top of Alaska down to the tip of South America with the Darien Gap serving as a 100km break in between Panama and Colombia. Along the way, there will be barren places to mountains, forests and lakes until you come into the so-called bottom of the world, the Ushuaia.

These are only five of the marvelous places all over the world that offer you stunning scenery, exciting motorcycle adventure and wonderful experiences as you do what you love, riding your motorcycle, feeling the wind and taking all the beautiful things right in front of you. If you love motorcycle adventure, riding through these destinations would surely give you a most wonderful experience you will never forget.

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