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About Siima MotoWear

Siima MotoWear is a company specialised exclusively on producing high quality, technical and versatile motorcycle gear. The company is based in Nicosia, Cyprus, a Meditterranean sunny island with a large audience of motorcycle lovers.


Unfortunately in Cyprus,  as well as in many other countries, motorcycle accidents are on the rise. By exclusively focusing on motorcycle protective clothing we are able to provide to our clientele unparallel quality, design, safety and endurance.

giorgos siima selfy with road and mounta
the road going in between two hills.jpg

Here is where the need for development of motorcycle gear that meets the high safety and quality standards emerged. The inception of the idea was taken in 2012.


Since then, we have developed our products to a more technical and versatile level, always aiming to keep high quality, safety and comfort standards. At the same time, we give the chance to every rider to get properly protected and enjoy his/her touring, sport touring or adventure touring rides.

The business took off in 2014. Siima MotoWear has been embraced globally and our high quality motorcycle protective clothing has reached thousands of happy riders who are seeking quality, safety and comfort in their gear.


We are in position to send our gear to you, wherever you are, while at the same time we provide a family like service with the owner and fellow rider, Giorgos being in direct communication with you.

siima motowear downhill road with two mo
gravel road going higher up in the mount

Our clientele is the everyday motorcyclists who seek to increase their safety and maintain their style  by wearing high quality motorcycle gear while on the road to their everyday activities (go to work, leisure,  etc.). At same time we aim to satisfy the adventurers / tourers who use their bikes to escape from daily routine to the unpredictable and full of excitement touring and adventure touring rides. 


Get your Siima MotoWear gear now and enter the safe and carefree spirit of the ride.



Siima MotoWear

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