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Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity, which may result in personal injury and/or death. Siima MotoWear products are designed to offer superior riding comfort and performance and while all motorcycle riders should wear appropriate protective equipment, no product can offer complete protection from injury or damage to individuals and property in case of fall, collision, impact, loss of control or otherwise. Each individual rider should be familiar with the sport of motorcycling, recognize the wide range of foreseeable hazards and decide whether to assume the risks inherent in such activity. 


Siima MotoWear motorcycle safety gear is designed to provide adequate and reasonable protection to life and limb at lower speeds and light impact. The resultant physical damage depends on a variety of factors such as  the way a rider goes down and "defends" oneself during the crash. The full gear helps to keep your organs (and the largest organ, your skin!) intact. Street riding is inherently dangerous. The best safety/defensive gear is your brain. Be aware, listen, learn, practice.  At Siima MotoWear we strongly support Practice ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) riding.


MOTORCYCLE RIDERS MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH THE CAPABILITIES AND LIMITATIONS OF THE MOTORCYCLE AND THE EQUIPMENT THEY ARE USING. Siima MotoWear disclaims any responsibility for injuries incurred while wearing any of its products. Siima MotoWear makes no guarantees or representations express or implied, regarding the fitness of its products for any particular purpose, further Siima MotoWear makes no guarantees or representations express or implied, regarding the extent to which its products protect individuals or property from injury or death or damage.



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