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Siima Gear Replacement Program Policy

We all know that the most important thing in life is healthy life. Being a rider is amazing but it carries the possibility of being part of an accident (god forbit !).


At Siima MotoWear we know that motorcycle accidents can cause a lot of pain and hassle. We absolutely understand the hard times you are going through and if sending you a new Siima jacket free of charge will make you feel better, then we will!

All you need to do is to send us a video describing your unfortunate experience and we will make sure you get your brand new Siima motorcycle gear free of charge.


Just follow these simple steps and claim your (free) jacket replacement:

What you should know and do​

  • Email us your Paypal receipt at telling us you are applying for the Free Gear Replacement Program of Siima apparel.

  • Email your accident report if you have. If you don't have it's ok, however an accident report can make the difference when it comes to replacing your gear.

  • At the beginning of the video you should state your name/country/city/age

  • In the video describe the conditions under which you had the accident (how you fell, where and how you hit etc.). The more descriptive you are, the better.

  • Think what would have happened if you did not wear the jacket.

  • Make sure you stress the areas where the jacket was damaged and what could have happened if you didn’t wear it.

  • Video must be between 02:30 and 05:00 minutes maximum. We recommend that you record the video in high quality mode in order to be as clear as possible.

  • Before video is uploaded and if necessary, minor video editing might be applied for the purposes of improving the video presentation

  • By sending a video to Siima MotoWear you agree with the terms and conditions of this offer

Terms and conditions

  • Siima MotoWear has the right to cancel or amend this offer anytime without prior notice of the parts involved.

  • This offer is strictly for Siima jackets bought through and NOT any other brand or other Siima product.

  • This offer is not valid for Siima jackets which have been given as part of product reviews, discount offers, promotion or advertisement.

  • This offer is valid only if your Siima jacket is damaged as a result of a motorcycle accident. Any other reason will not make you eligible for this offer. The reason this policy is made, is to show the effectiveness of Siima jackets.  Siima MotoWear reserves the right to reject your request for a free jacket in case there are clues that the jacket was damaged as a result of any other reason apart from a motorcycle accident.

  • The offer does not include delivery fees. Delivery fees are paid by the buyer.

  • Siima MotoWear bares no responsibility is case there is a stock shortage. The applicant should wait until the right size will be available.

  • After video is sent Siima MotoWear will approve the video with a confirmation email. No offer will be valid unless video is approved. Videos will be approved within three (3) working days .

  • Free Gear Replacement Program of Siima motorcycle clothing applies only for Siima protective equipment, not for other products such as t-shirts, necktubes or other accessories. 

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