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Become A Siima MotoWear Distributor

We are looking for distributors globally!

If you like our products and want to become a distributor of Siima MotoWear brand, we are offering flexible ways to do so.

Things you should know:

  • Send email at expressing your interest in our products and tell us more about your involvement in the motorcycle industry.

  • Providing credentials such as documents, certificates, social media accounts etc. makes the collaboration process faster and easier.

  • Product guarantees will be provided.

  • There is no minimum order quantity. You are free to place any order amount you want.

  • Profit margins are determined based on order quantities. More order quantities, means more profit margins.

  • We are offering a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer etc.

  • In case of big orders, you are free to use your own forwarder or choose the one you think will best serve you.

  • You will be eligible to use current and future promotional material free of charge.

  • Nobody knows everything. We are open to suggestions and proposals that will potentially improve the collaboration terms and/or establish a solid partnership between the parties involved.

We are aiming at establishing longterm, transparent business relationships that will help grow Siima MotoWear as well as the people and companies that surround and support our products and philosophy.

You will talk directly with Giorgos, the owner, and any issues that might arise he will personally make sure that will be solved.

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