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It is a part of our mission to support your greatest motorcycle adventures by keeping you safe and give you the comfort you need to continue riding and enjoying the world's greatest landscapes and cultures.


Siima Sibirsky Super Adventure motorcycle pants comes with braces for optimal comfort while riding. We do offer these braces separately in case your adventures got wild and you lost yours!


Free Global Delivery & Easy Returns.

Braces For Sibirsky Pants

  • Specs:

    - Made from durable 600d Textile

    - YKK waterproof 8 inch zipper to connect with Sibirsky Pants

    - Adjustable according to the preferred height

    - Attached on the front of Sibirsky pants using 4 snap buttons

    - Water resistant

    - Compact and easily stowed at the back pocket of the Sibirsky jacket so it's always ready for instant deployment


    What you get:


    - Braces for Sibirsky Pants

    - A Pair Of Reflective Stickers

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