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How to lay out a pancake


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00:59:43 2 years ago Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will meet with journalists this week, marking his first public appearance since media organizations began protesting last month after announcing he would be taking up the new post of president. The president's spokesman announced Thursday that Sisi would appear on Friday on a show called "Sisi's Words," an Egyptian television program. The show would mark the president's first television appearance since his inauguration last month. The Associated Press reported that the president will make five appearances on the show, which will be aired on state television. The report noted that Egypt's main opposition party, the Al-Ghad Party, had been trying to convince the president to appear on the show for months. Protesters had gathered outside the presidential palace in Cairo last month after it was announced that Sisi would succeed President Mohamed Morsy, following Morsy's ouster from power. The protesters complained about what they said was a growing government crackdown against independent media. As the presidency of Mohamed Morsi came to a close, Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour dissolved the elected parliament and issued a temporary constitution, which his government is currently in the process of setting into law. Sisi previously served as interim prime minister following the July 3 coup d'etat that led to Morsy's ouster. Sisi's term as president is set to end in 2018. In the meantime, he is the country's chief leader, though in practice he wields the power of a dictator. Last week, the State Council, Egypt's advisory body, announced that a draft law would be introduced this month to extend Sisi's term. On Saturday, the council also rejected a no-confidence vote by the Al-Ghad Party. "The new law will have to be discussed, but nothing has been finalized," said parliament speaker Ali Abdallah Aly on Saturday. "The Council of Ministers, of course, is working. It is a new law that needs to be explained. We are awaiting instructions from the president of the republic about it," he added. The partial countrywide election that removed Morsy from office will be held in December. Several activists have been arrested in recent days, according to human rights groups, citing relatives and rights advocates. They said that they were told by relatives that they were being detained by members of the security services. The government has not

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How to lay out a pancake

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