A message to all drivers (from a driver and a rider)

drivers vs riders. a message to all

I am taking some time to write down my thoughts and emotions about car drivers. So here it is:

Don’t hate us. We are in the streets for the same reasons you are, though many times we enjoy it while you don't...and it's obvious. We are not different than you and unlike you, we are not possessed by stereotypes against drivers. Just think that we probably do good to you by riding our bikes. Just like every car drive is perceived to be a different person and is treated accordingly, the same goes for motorcycle riders. WE RIDERS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

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We know you are jealous when you watch us slipping through traffic and enjoying the sun and the breeze ride provides. We know that deep inside you car driver also want to ride but there something inside of you that restricts you. Is it the stereotypes of your society? Is it the fear that restricts you from enjoying the carefreeness or the thrill of the ride? We bikers don’t know, don’t understand. We can’t help you on that one till you decide to ride with us and realize what we mean.

We are not as stressed as you are because we are not stuck. We are agile and happy. We don’t have to smell that horrible smell (which by the way is cancerous) that comes from the interior plastics of the car when outside is superhot.

Your stress, your mobile phones and low concentration levels is killing us.

We only ask you to look twice. Nothing more.

My thoughts go to all riders who have done nothing wrong and died because of the lack of respect of car drivers towards riders.

May you all rest in peace.

Thank you for reading.

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