5 High-Quality Motorcycle Panniers Under 500$

Traveling on a long route is expected in a car, bus, or train. However, the real essence of traveling is only possible when you travel on a motorcycle. Riding on long routes takes lots of your days to cover the distance. Therefore, it's essential to carry gears, food items, and other necessary things to give you excellent support for a seamless traveling experience.

For that, panniers or saddlebags are the best options for long tours or camping trips. Not only that, but it also plays an important role when you want to carry something on your bike in the regular routines.

There are tons of brands, models, and styles of panniers available in the market. So, you can get confuse to select the right set of panniers that can help you. It will also require you a lot of research and experience to choose the right one for your needs.

If you are not willing to do the research or are not sure which one is best, then reading this article will sort out many of your issues. We have selected the 5 most high-quality motorcycle panniers after doing a lot of research. The best thing is that these panniers are all under $500, and they offer the best quality to you.

Here, at Siima MotoWear we have done some research and we present you with a list of 5 high quality motorcycle panniers under 500$:

Givi E22N Monokey Sidecases


Givi is the top quality company for producing the best Panniers for customers around the world. The reason people opt for their Panniers is because of the durability and quality material they provide to keep their gadgets, food, and other items secure in any circumstances.

If we talk about Givi E22N, it offers top-quality side cases that can cater to different categories of motorcycles. Whatever would be the type of bike you are riding, the Givi E22N provides you storage capability and versatility of options.

It is made up of plastic material that provides lightweight and waterproof features. You can easily store items for local commuting, day trips, or multi-day rides. It has an aerodynamic design and offers a perfect look for modern bikes.


Coleman Motorcycle Saddle Bag


If you are looking to purchase cheap motorcycle panniers, then Coleman's motorcycle saddlebag is the best option for you to select. It provides you with netted straps that are adjustable for any category of motorcycles.

In such a price, it’s evident that you won’t expect a lot from the pannier. However, Coleman holds a brand value among the motorcycle markets. They have a huge amount of continuous purchasers, so the quality is still comparable in such rates.

If we talk about gear storage, the bag offers a side pouch and the main cargo compartment. Both of them are zippered. Moreover, it contains waterproof and UV fabric, which helps you ride in both dry or rainy weather without thinking about protection issues.

If you have a tight budget, then the pannier is suitable for you to use for commuting, local camping, and shorter trips.

Wolfman Luggage E12


If you are looking for some heavy-duty motorcycle panniers, then Wolfman Luggage E12 is the best option for you to select. When we talk about heavy-duty, it refers to the brand's quality materials to the riders.

The quality material allows you to use the pannier for daily, weekly, or monthly trips. Its made up of ballistic vinyl, which provides excellent support for environmental or accidental issues. Apart from that, it offers a V compression strap to give you tight compression. Last but not least, the pannier also provides you extra sleek profile, which you may never consider anywhere else.

Stan sport Saddle Bag


Our fourth consideration for the list of top quality motorcycle panniers is of the Stansport saddlebag. The price tag they offer is very cheap as compared to other panniers. However, it doesn’t mean that fewer price tags will provide you with an affordable quality motorcycle pannier. We have seen outstanding reviews for the bag that insisted us to include it in the list.

The material used in the production of the bags provides vinyl backing and duck cotton. It puts excellent strength to the pannier. However, the stress points are the fantastic game-changer in it. The pannier will not easily tear or break after experiencing more challenging traveling destinations.

It offers large pockets to store gears, foods, and other items. Not only that, but this considerable amount of storage also brings you durable features for your traveling needs. You can use it for both long routes, camping trips, and daily item carrying purposes.

Ogio Stealth Bag Duffel


Ogio Stealth bag is another innovation for camping trips and long routes. It offers a smooth texture and design along with a beautiful black color combination and a sleek appearance. All this brings elegance to your visual appearance whenever you are going towards a trip.

Controlling heat resistance is one of the significant features of the Ogio stealth bag. Waterproof capabilities are not the only thing to consider when you are going on a long trip. You have items that can be wasteful or damaged due to the heat it consumes. That’s where the Ogio bag is suitable for you.

Another fantastic thing about this bag is that it offers you a web mounting system. So, you can make fast and easy mounting without hurdles.

Do you know any other panniers at a cost effective price? Leave your comments below.

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