5 Most Popular Motorcycle GPS Navigation Systems (Videos)

Do you ever have a fear that you would not be able to reach at your destination on time or might get lose somewhere else? Well it is quite an ordinary feeling for those riders who are riding alone on new roads.

Well, you would not want to risk your life by using a smart phone while riding a motorcycle. Most motorcyclists use the GPS navigation system to reach their destination easily. Here is the list of some top navigation system helping you locate your destination.

Garmin Nuvi 57LM 5-Inch GPS Navigator

This is a stunning easy to handle Garmin navigator. The best part is that it does not require signals to function if you go to a non-signal area. On the back, there is a suction cup that helps you mount the device on the handle. Mount it as you want either vertically or horizontally. It has a 5-inch-wide display with an amazing friendly touch. Even, in sunlight, you get a clear display.

As you can see, it provides proper direction with each turn. Another great feature is that it has pre-installed maps. Also, you can download more maps. Further, you can download other maps easily. You get detailed information, updated maps, and many more features. The Garmin Nuvi 57LM 5-Inch GPS Navigator provides proper lane detailing with the junction on the road.


  1. Easy To use GPS.

  2. Updated maps.

  3. The Foursquare feature is also amazing.


  1. Cannot install new software.

Garmin Nuvi 2789LMT

The next GPS that we are fond of is Garmin Nuvi 2789LMT. It has a 7-inch touch display equipped with pinch-zoom quality. You can easily zoom-in or zoom-out to get the exact point. Furthermore, the GPS has a voice command feature. You can change the destinations, routes or find the fastest route without even touching the GPS. With a single command, you can control everything.

The best thing about the GPS is that it does not need cellular signals. It is the best GPS for going off roads or trips. Not to mention that it gives the current details of traffics. You can save time by avoiding traffics through the GPS. You get to explore cafes, restaurants, malls, and many more on your route. Notification alert, tunes, attend calls via Bluetooth, and many other smart features. It’s a GPS that you must explore.


  1. Voice command control

  2. Bluetooth connectivity

  3. Does not require cellular coverage.


  1. Reflective screen.

TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 is a GPS having Wi-Fi connectivity ability. You can easily install new maps through Wi-Fi connectivity. The best part is that everything is free of cost. The GPS is immune from all weather. It has an extra-bright display to show the path even in extreme conditions.

The GPS has a 5-inch touch display. Furthermore, it can store up to 16 GB at a time. Additionally, it has an SD card slot. So, you will never run out of memory. You can easily read texts, answer calls, explore the path, and man more. You just have to buy the GPS one time. Everything after that is free.


  1. Wifi connectivity

  2. Free installation of new maps

  3. 16 GB storage and an SD card slot

  4. Immune from all weather conditions


  1. Too responsive touch feature

Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT

The next in line is the Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS. It’s the best GPS if you are not fond of a bright screen. The GPS gives the live update of traffic. You can use the GPS through the smartphone via a mobile app. Through this, the GPS displays weather conditions for you to stay updated.

As the name suggests, the GPS is equipped with smart features. Like, it alerts about the sharp turns, going in the wrong direction, speed cameras, signals, and many more. It has a 6-inch touch display and 8 GB storage capacity. Also, having an SD card slot. You can easily install new maps by connecting via laptops, PCs, or other devices.


  1. Connect via mobile app.

  2. Get current weather and traffic updates.

  3. Smart features.

  4. Easy and free updates installation


  1. Moderate screen brightness

BMW Motorrad Navigator V

BMW Motorrad Navigator GPS has been in the market for over a long time. This version is equipped with smart features that are perfect for bikes. It is designed to be mounted easily on any bike. It has a 5-inch-high quality display. It has a built-in automatic brightness feature to utilize less battery while navigating. You can attend calls, listen to songs, voice-messages, or even get live updates.

Furthermore, the GPS costs one time only. The updates and new map installation are completely free and easy. The GPS has Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it can store up to 8 Gb. Nevertheless, the GPS provides an SD card slot to save more. With a slot to connect with devices, you are set for life. The best part about the GPS is that it's anti-glare. You can easily see without changing any angle. BMW Motorrad Navigator V is the best GPS navigation system designed to be installed easily on bikes.


  1. Bluetooth connectivity.

  2. High quality 5-inch responsive touch screen display.

  3. Easy and free new maps installation.


  1. Bit expensive.


We hope that with this guide, you might have got enough information about the best motorcycle

GPS navigation systems for an easy and smooth ride. With the help of best GPS Navigation system you are not free to reach at your destination without any hassle. Are you ready for it?

Any thoughts on the best navigation systems? Are you using your phone only? Leave your thoughts below.

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