5 Things About Motorcycles Nobody Tells You

We at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present your a list of 5 things about motorcycles nobody tells you. The cat is out of the bag now.

1. Bikes are expensive

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If you buy a motorcycle as a “toy,” it is likely to hinder you, but if you are convinced that riding a bike is cheaper than driving a car, you will need to know more. Of course, they are less expensive than a new car, but you will definitely find that for a critically used bike, you just brought home with a trailer, there will be extra charges.

Of course, there are 46 MPG commonly used on the bike, but it is not really the gas, the new tires every 5000 km (about $ 150 per tire, plus the installation and the balancing), the oil changes every 6,000 km (perhaps more than $ 200 in the store) and kit which is you are likely to collect overtime (maybe more than $ 1,000).

You can skip them if you want to, but in many countries, helmets are mandatory for at least the first year. It’s easy a couple of hundred dollars right now. You will need in no time, a good motorcycle jacket, the one whose sleeves are not too short and to be honest when the sun sets, it gets colder (another $ 200 easily).

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The ridding-jeans or Chaps are likely to cost you another couple of hundred dollars, and there is a full “rain suit.” Regardless of the insurance that will cost you, this driving record with a few speed tickets makes that new R6 a little more expensive than you might have initially planned.

2. You will become a better car driver

Before you buy your bike, you are happy to be a sheep. Of course, you will complain that the driving of others has never been as good as your driving, but it seems you cannot help them. You just stay stuck in the stream, send messages and overtaking happily.

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But now, that you have experienced bike riding you are suddenly conscious. Not only is the risk and misconduct and that pothole ahead that now requires a certain line in order to be avoided, but the ridiculous amount of everything. That guy in the $100,000 Porsche? What a showoff, that thing is a snail. This man driving a four-wheeler to eight passengers alone? How useless. All these thousands of people in the traffic jam? Enough, here this car is on Craigslist.

3. Rear brake is (usually) your best friend.

Many people underestimate the impact of rear brakes. The brake power is much lower than the front brake power but more useful than the stop. It’s about control.

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Once you discover how much stability can be achieved through the rear brakes, it will change the bike riding experience all over for you. Narrow U-Turns, sharp parking lot entries, closed space between cars, will not be a problem anymore. With the rear brake, you will never have to walk your motorcycle again. This technique will prove to be a significant change for you, and your co-riders will probably comment on how steady you have become on the tracks.

Another good use of rear brake is gentle braking. Although it is good to use both brakes to stop completely, but it is easier to use the rear brake, basically. It is easy to stop because the front fork does not squash.

4. The climate determines a whole lot.

Extreme weather is hell to drive in. Wind breeze can really reach you in cold weather. It is best to wrap warm clothing in a bag so you can quickly change outfits in bad weather. Waterproof materials like the famous Gore-Tex may be worth investing in the rain.

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With regards to the hot weather, if you want to be cool and safe, it is worth looking at the clothes that contain the ventilation of a motorcycle. You might get the urge to wear shorts with a cotton shirt, and even if it is legal, you will feel more exposed when the skin is naked and may fall to the extremities. Sometimes it is better to feel uneasy but safe.

5. It is very addictive

Bikes are extremely addictive. Once you start riding a bike, you will notice that day after day you keep doing it more and more. You may begin riding on weekends then traveling to work even if you could easily use public conveyance, use a bicycle or simply just walk to your office.

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Although there are undoubtedly lonely bikes in thousands of garages, sitting right now, this “hobby” has become our main hobby for a lot of people. Generally, in the spring, bikers who stick to the “Sunny and 70” rule begin to make concessions and then return out to two wheels. After some time, you will find all the excuses to bring the bike to a particular destination, regardless of the sacrifices that must be made. In my case, this means a large (and expensive) equipment closet for all kinds of climate challenges. For some, it is the “only way to travel.”

For some of it is “speed,” others are “freedom,” and in a short time begins to rub shoulders with most of these people, and now they have social obligations towards them to exacerbate this addiction. You may also notice that you like to “tamper” with the bike as much as you want to ride the bike, and explained in the previous commentary on dream motorcycles; it may not be enough to have one bike.

Like everything in life, the bike has its imperfections, and not everything is perfect. You cannot bring IKEA mattress everywhere you go. Riding a bike in chilly and rainy weather is downright painful. You must have your equipment and sweat in high boots all the time.

But, then take the highway, turn your wrist and RACE! - And you always smile like an idiot.

Not always adrenaline, it is not necessary to drive quickly to enjoy driving. Riding, getting close to nature without a cage hampers you, lets you feel better in a certain way.

Motorcycles are machines of joy. That is why people fall in love with riding bikes.

Have a look at the video below to get some more info about this peculiar world of motorcycles and riders:

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