6 Reasons to Select South Africa For Your Next Motorcycle Adventure

Starting a motorcycle adventure in South Africa is nothing more than thrilling. Are you looking for a country that feels like a slice of heaven? If yes, then South Africa is the best option that you can choose. Do you love spending time in riding between mountains and distant lands or do you thinking about exploring the flung places with the wheel? South Africa is the best destination that biker loves for adventuring. It is named as the best riding place in the list of thrilling destinations for bikers.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we have pointed out 6 main reasons that will make your mind to choose South Africa for your next riding adventure. The highlights mention in these points will guide you in why you should choose this beautiful place for fulfilling your adventure desires.

1. Stunning Weather

good weather golden sunset in south africa national park_800x534

The most important that you should keep in mind as a rider is the weather condition of any country. It is true that as a biker, we all find it difficult to ride in the cold, wet and lonely nights of the winter. In many countries, it is become almost impossible to go out and ride on the dicey rods. In South Africa, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather conditions. Because in summer, the weather is hot, which is best for bikers and it is slightly warm in winters which are also favorable. From November to February is the best time to roar your bikes on the roads.

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2. Beautiful Landscapes

Drakensberg  national park mountains south africa_800x532

When we talk about South Africa’s Landscapes, the first thing that comes into our mind is Cape Town. If you are seeking natural beauty, then this stunning landscape is the best option for you. This iconic table looking mountains are the just glimpse of taste that this country has. From golden beaches to jagged mountains, here are lots of magnificent sites that can leave you in awe. Rolling through Vineyard and riding between isolated deserts of South Africa can make an explicit addition in your riding adventure. Victoria Falls & National Park are also two best places for riders.

3. Magnificent Roads

road scenery in Underberg near Sani pass South Africa_800x532

South Africa is the best destination if you are thinking about smooth and incredible tarmac stretching. In South Africa, you can roar your bikes on the silky roads without the interruption of any other soul. Does your dream of biking adventure include riding bikes over mountain passes and attacking unpaved paths with your remote bikes? If yes, then you can find both in South Africa. From the roads of Garden Route to the Karoo’s gravel paths, South Africa is full of adventures.

4. Fascinating Wildlife

amazing leopard in south african national park_800x534

South Africa is one of those countries where you can search for lions, elephants and giraffes in one part and find sharks and other sea animals in another part. Wildlife in South Africa so much mesmerizing and yes its breathtaking views will leave your eyesight seeking for more. Starting your tour from the Cape of Good Hope, you can visit Elephant National Park. At Inverdroom Game Reserve area, you can spot giant giraffes, zebras, and cheetahs. South Africa is the best place where you can fill your camera and memory card with lifetime memories.

5. Roam between Mountains

Drakensberg or Dragon Mountains are the highest peak points in South Africa. It is the most popular destination where riders can show their thrilling skills. The incredible roads between the dense forests give a very spectacular view. This is the best destination for those bikers who love nature because these forests are the house of 800 different species of flowers. During the summer season, the landscape of this mountain trail is all lush and fertile with clear streams and stunning waterfalls.

6. Other Inspiring Destination

Cape Town (Kaapstad) with a view of robben island_800x534

It is Africa, and it is full of surprises. You don’t know what will come next. There are very special things that you should keep in mind while roaring your bike between the lush green forests to desserts. South Africa is a continent of bubbling energy and inspiring adventuring spots, and it is hard to find such type of combination in any other country. You can make your biking adventure more memorable in Robben Island. And if you want to see wildlife more clearly then take your bikes to Isimangaliso Wetland Park. The wide, smooth and long silent roads of Transfrontier Park will leave you in a trans.

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Last Words

Have you cut your teeth and experience motor biking adventure in Europe and the US? Then it is the best time to visit South Africa because it is nothing that you have seen there. There is much more to know about nature, there is much more to explore mountains, and there is much more to know about wildlife. And South Africa is the perfect destination for your next motor biking adventure.

Any thoughts on motorcycle adventuring in South Africa? Leave your comments below.

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