7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Trails in Latin America

So, you want to plan an adventurous trip on your bike, want some time away from the city’s hectic daily routine. America is a huge continent and has a lot of motorcycle trails specially built for bikers, well Latin America has some perfect adventurous trails that can bring extreme joy and some new adventure in your life. Latin America has no match as compared to its geological importance.

These are the best motorcycle trails in Latin America:

  1. Northwest Argentina (national route 40)

  2. Chillie: National Route CH-7- Carretera Austral

  3. Bolivia: Death Road, the North Yungas Road

  4. Colombia: Alto de Letras – National Route 50

  5. Brazil: National Route BR-230

  6. Peru: Route of the Liberators (Route 28A)

  7. Ecuador: Cotopaxi Volcano Road (National Route 35)

These lands contain some very interesting historical sites as well:

  1. It has the Andes mountain range which is the world’s longest continental mountain range.

  2. World’s largest tropical rainforest, The Amazon jungle.

  3. World's driest place, The Atacama Desert.

  4. Many unique countries and their unique and diverse culture.

Northwest Argentina (national route 40):

National route 40, also known as Ruta 40 is 5,224 km, the longest highway present on the world’s map. It has the most spectacular views and routes. This route begins from a place called La Quiaca near the Bolivian border and goes towards the Andean mountain range crossing 11 provinces, many national parks, 126 bridges. It reaches up to an altitude of around 5,061m. It comes across many beautiful views when you drive past Monte Fitz Roy or the icebergs of Laguna de Los Tres which is one of the famous places there. The top of Perito Moreno glacier is a great landscape, and that's where the Andes meets the Southern Ocean.

Chillie: National Route CH-7- Carretera Austral

It has swooping hills and curvy mountainside paths that make it more adventurous. Patagonian scenes are one of the amazing features of this route, having a beautiful forest and many lakes or White Mountains and rivers. It is 1,240km long, many portions of this highway are paved, especially on the northern side, and the other part is gentle.

Carretera Austral is known for its most challenging tracks. It has a unique location and covers many remote areas of Chillie. The empty dirt road is surrounded by thick forests. The road is also opened to traffic, but there is not so much traffic.

Bolivia: Death Road, the North Yungas Road

The Death road of North Yungas is present on national route 3; you have to make sure your bike is in good and perfect condition if you are travelling to this road. It is 60km long having 3,500m descent; this road is rainy almost all the time. Dual lanes were also allowed there, which caused a lot of accidents and wastage of many precious lives. Its downhill biking experience attracts many riders to come; it’s a way.

If you are willing to go, you need excellent biking skills and well-maintained tires and bike condition. It has a lot of slippery surfaces. The climb from Yolosa La Cumbre is amazing and very beautiful.

Colombia: Alto de Letras – National Route 50

It starts from Marquitta in Colombia's main area having many exciting views and sights. This route is very steep. It is famous for the longest cycling climb in the world.

If you plan to go there, there are lots of beautiful scenarios to enjoy. You can take a break and appreciate the beauty of nature. This route is 140km long and is 485m above sea level. It is surrounded by tropical forest, and when you reach the highest level, you might see the icing of Nevada del Ruiz.

Brazil: National Route BR-230

This trans-Amazonian highway is 4,000 km long. It goes through the Amazon jungle. The western half of this route is more adventurous. You might come across many remote areas and challenging dirt. You must have a better pair of tires for this route and a good experience for steep paths. The highway stretches towards the amazon jungle, which has many iconic scenarios and amazing animals that you might never see anywhere in the world.

Peru: Route of the Liberators (Route 28A)

Peru has many amazing motorcycle riding roads with beautiful sights. This route also passes the Andes, and you can visit many historical and well-known places in a single trip. It starts from the sublime of Desert Oasis of Huacachina and then goes to Port Town of Pisco. This highway is also known as Via de Los Libertadores. It covers Desert Coast to Central Andes.

Ecuador: Cotopaxi Volcano Road (National Route 35)

This Pan-American highway is around 40km long having many potholes makes it challenging to ride and even more adventurous. It is present in the south of Quito. There are no proper road maintenance services in Ecuador. Many steam flows directly through the road, and sometimes flood water makes this road much tricky and challenging. The route covers many scenarios and beautiful sights that are unmatched. Mount Cotopaxi can also be seen while riding through this highway, which is a classic volcano with icing on top, making it more beautiful. This is the most dangerous and best dirt bike trail in Ecuador.


Any thoughts on the best adventure routes in Latin Ameriaca? Leave your comments below.

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