7 Best Adventure Motorcycle Trails In the United States

Touring with a motorcycle has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? There is some sort of freedom attached to it.


Going on a big adventure with your motorcycle to far off places makes you feel like an eagle, bold and free. Your adventure will become enjoyable as you make your way through numerous curves and twists of the roads, feel the breeze on your face, and the sun on your skin. All of that smells like freedom. This is one-way people get a bit closer to nature.

If you are someone who is looking for a great adventure with their motorcycle in the United States, then there are some of the best trails you should take to experience this motorcycle adventure, which are the following:

  1. Carmel ToMorro Bay In California, Pacific Coast Highway Trail

  2. North Carolina and Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway Trail

  3. Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth Highway Trail

  4. Maine, Coastal Route One Trail

  5. Tennessee, Alabama, And Mississippi, Natchez Trace Parkway Trail

  6. Texas, River Road Trail

  7. Colorado, Peak ToPeak Trail

1. Carmel ToMorro Bay In California, Pacific Coast Highway Trail:

This trail has amazing sceneries that you can just see and gasp in absolute awe. The Big Sur part of the coastal highway of California offers many things for a motorcycle adventurist, such as tall redwood forests, beautiful beaches, and also some of the best curves to keep you feeling like an eagle. There are enthralling views in this 120-mile trail; your appetite for a motorcycle adventure will surely be filled with this trail. One thing to be noted is that it is quite cold, so make sure to dress up as if its winter season. It is still foggy even in the summer season.

2. North Carolina and Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway Trail:

Every motorcyclist will tell you that this trail is one of those trails that you as a motorcyclist have to take in your lifetime; why is that? Because it is a mountain trail. You will go through the countryside, which will remind you of your childhood a lot, so get ready for some nostalgia-driven drive. As you make your way, you will get into what is called the "Great Smoky Mountains". They are called that because it is very foggy, and you can even see the clouds around you as if you could touch them. Moving on, you will see a smooth, wells-structured Blue Ridge Parkway, where you will be engulfed with the astonishing sceneries and enjoy the curves at the same time. You will have to drive under the 45-mile limit, which will give you ample time to enjoy the views, savour them, and really burn them into your memory.

3. Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth Highway Trail:

This trail is 68-miles of pure beauty filled with uncanny shaped roads that will make you feel like you are somewhere absolutely alien. You will start your great journey at the Red Lodge, Montana, where you will be honoured with some breathtaking sceneries making you travel up into the Beartooth Pass up to 10,000 feet in Wyoming. Later, you will see the uncanny roads that zig-zag a lot; you will pass through the National Forests such as Shoshone and Custer. Your eyes will see some high alpine meadows, shimmering lakes, and just all around heavenly beauty all while you ride on your motorcycle as it finally ends in Cooke City.

4. Maine, Coastal Route One Trail:

This 167-mile trail will leave you breathless with its trees, blue-blue sky, spacey clouds, and brownish surroundings of rocks—quite an amalgamation of all the parts of nature into one place. You will start your journey from Brunswick and go all the way to Machias; there, you will witness seaside villages and numerous lighthouses along the way as if you are in a 1950's mystery movie. You will witness many towns, some casual people along the way, which will make you feel like you are part of some renaissance Disney movie as well. There are many high-speed curves in this trail; make sure to keep an eye out for a moose, as they can appear out of nowhere.

5. Tennessee, Alabama, And Mississippi, Natchez Trace Parkway Trail:

This is a 444-mile trail and was given the National Scenic Byway for its mesmerizing sceneries, history, and cultural attraction. While you are on the ride, you will witness some civil war sceneries; there will be ghost towns along the way. You will witness swamps and farmlands, a mixture of both. One great thing about this trail is that there are no trucks as they are not allowed, so you can ride at your own pace and enjoy the sceneries.

6. Texas, River Road Trail:

This 115-mile trail will take you on some soaring cliffs, so get ready for a grand motorcycle ride. You will follow the Rio Grande and reach some breathtaking cliffs with purple and red shades. You will also witness ancient lava flows and an adobe fortress dating back to 1848.

7. Colorado, Peak ToPeak Trail:

This ride is only 60-miles long, but it is filled with the best views that nature has to provide. There you will witness the Rocky Mountain and glacier-cut valleys. You will see the abundant forests filled with alpine meadows; it will feel like spring over there. When you reach the Peak to Peak, from the Golden Highway 6 to the Canyon Park, you will see all of this. Beware of elk, as they are seen around here, drive safely. Make sure to take camping gear with you as well as some hiking boots to take a nice stroll after a long breathtaking motorbike ride.

Any thoughts on the best motorcycle adventure trails in the United States? Leave your comments below.

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