7 Essential Upgrades For Your Adventure Motorcycle

Off-road driving is an entirely different way to travel then the normal smooth roads. This not only requires an altogether different approach and a handful of new techniques but cutting the track all day can also lead to difficulties. The trick is to make sure you and your bike are ready to face off-road driving difficulties.

For that, you will require a little training. It's a bit easier for your bike.

Many motorcycles are designed for bikers in of all rangers, which increases the likelihood that the newly purchased bike will not suit you perfectly. We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present a few easy ways to improve your bike to protect it from falls, inevitable collisions, face tree species and adapt them directly to you.

1. Update your tires

Nothing restores the bike as if it were like new tires. The uneven corrosion (phase displacement of the front wheel, rear) means that tires can be disposed of properly before collisions they cause you any more damage. Even if you do not ride the bike, the ultraviolet light can greatly shorten the life of your tires. The tires must be replaced every few years, regardless of the covered mileage.

Tire technology has made dramatic progress in recent years. If you do not have any new tires since the nineties, you will be surprised how a new kit can improve the performance of your bike. They gives you more traction, improved handling and increased safety. It can cost you between $ 200 and $ 300.

2. Crash Bars

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Fall occurs when you ride your bike off-road: it's a fact. Never know whether it will happen on fine sand or mud or if there is a stone waiting to break down the crankcase. Crash bars are used to mitigate damage, but they can also be an important pull or grip when the front wheel is in the unseen mud.

3. Sprocket / Chain

sprocket and chain for motorcycles_800x600.jpg

Replacing the sprocket is one of the cheapest and easiest updates to get immediate results. Get a larger sprocket and / or a smaller sprocket to get a low end. You can also choose a smaller or larger gear if you want to open it and get a little higher speed.

If you love motocross, we suggest using a sprocket without an aluminum chain. However, if you go on the roads, you may need gear of steel and an O ring-shaped chain. Why are these configurations specific to different types of driving?

summer adventure riding jacket

Motorcyclists want to keep their bikes light and fast, and aluminum gears are generally lighter than steel. Many riders believe that ring chains provide additional power for lower ground performance, with most riders preferring a regular MX series. On-road and off-road racers may not be interested in performing their parts or longevity. The rear steel gear wheel and O-rings provide much more operating hours than the aluminum crown and the MX series. However, whatever the nature of the ride, it may be necessary to try to find the correct set of gears.

4. Wind protection

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You know that this modification will be listed here. You may have seen what other motorcyclists “pretty up” their bikes or perhaps spend several days driving on the highways without the sports windbreaks. We do not know what you can do for your neck. Make sure you have a small front glass before driving hundreds (or thousands) of kilometers on the road. The windshield can significantly affect the appearance of the bike. So "Google" and discover the one that works for you.

5. Adjust your bike suspension settings to weight and driving style.

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Although many of us dream of being 150 pounds (general weight used by most manufacturers to prepare suspension systems), most of us are not of this magic number, demanding a suspension system which must be modified to ensure that our bike handles appropriately. Bikes offer variable settings, but most have at least one preload setting to define the load-bearing deformation (the amount of suspension compresses under the weight of rider) to maintain suspension at a maximum point during normal driving.

The procedure is as follows: determent the suspension of the bike at full extension and then perform another with you on the bike. Measure forward along the fork leg, measure the back between the axis and the opposite end body directly on the axial line. The distance difference between the target and the load (for the biker) corresponds to the decrease.

The range is between 25 and 35 mm, should be lesser for more sports treatment and more comfort. High-quality motorcycles ] also provides settings for expanding pressure and/or damping. Read the operating instructions to learn how to make changes and learn the basic configuration. Make a change and stop tampering with it if the bike feels right for you.

6. Improve brake pads and brake lines.

motorcycle brake pads on spoked wheels_800x532

Each year, the new standard wheels are equipped with HH rated foot pads and stainless steel brake cables to achieve the best braking performance. Braided stainless steel coated with Teflon or Kevlar to withstand deformation under pressure system reaction and accomplish a faster sense of brake lock without the appearance of blisters.

If your bike does not contain anything, update them using high-quality replacement bearings specifically tailored to improve rotary interlock and achieve longer life while reducing damping. If less than 2 mm of sealant material is left or the pillows are worn outside the face hole, place them and make sure they feel good. Do not forget to dump and replace the liquid. Will be surprised to improve. It gives you better brake feel, less color change, less braking distances.

7. Fastway Adventure Footpegs

motorcycle adventure footpegs_800x534

Factory footrests are usually one size fits all. For some, the risks are not enough, they are too narrow, and they do not provide enough grip for long journeys and are not in the right place. Having a footrest in the right place can make a difference between driving 500 miles away and the 50 best torments.

The Fastway Adventure footrests are great, and you can take this into account when the ADV guides you on a narrow road. They increase the low bike width down. At 6 x 20 cm, you have plenty of space to travel with these bad guys. Fastway also provides 36-pin, 36-pin, 36-gauge, and 36-pin information showing how to combine the screwdrivers with the required traction specifications. Great, no?

However, adaptive capacity does not stop there. If you have installed the appropriate set of adapters that you might need to install footrests on the bike, you can use them in two ways to keep the templates at their standard height or to lower them slightly. To gain more foot space, there is a footrest side screw called FKMS, which allows you to adjust the footrest angle up or down.

After changing the footrest, you can feel the difference between day and night while standing and even sitting, allowing you greater freedom of movement on the road. Off-road driving has clearly proved to be the real test of the level of performance the vehicle can offer. In off-road situations, the weight of the foot supports necessary to gain strength on the hillside with clear terrain as well as cornering and staying on the bike. The footway at Fastway Adventure provides plenty of space to kick and leave the bike where you want.

As an adventure biker looking for value added, you will notice a difference if you make any of these improvements. A few hundred dollars is enough to move your bike to new heights. You do not have to maximize credit cards to enjoy your travel further.

Any thoughts on the subject? Leave your comments below.

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