7 Motorcycle Events That Were Cancelled Due To Covid-19

Covid-19 or Coronavirus, is destroying the majority of the essential and most-awaited events around the world. It’s the first time in the history of the world where every country is locked down to keep the citizens' health safe from this deadly virus.


Whether it’s the Olympics or another event, everything is shut down around the world. After the deadly outreach of this virus started in Wuhan city of china, the remaining countries alert their system to prevent this virus enter on their lands. Unluckily, time has not enough for everyone to save every single person in the world.

A considerable number of countries have already affected the lives of a tremendous amount of people if we talk about the current times. If we talk about the Bike lovers, there were various events scheduled for this year, which is also expected to be canceled or delayed for the best time possible in the future.

It’s understood that most of the bike lovers do wait for bike events to see something amazing or know about anything better in the motorcycle world. Therefore, the article is going to be discussed about significant motorcycle events in the below sections that will be missed/canceled due to the deadly effect of Covid-19. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about them in the below section.

List of Motorcycle Events Cancelled due to Covid-19:

Hollister California 2020 Rally:

In the mid of 2020, the Hollister independence Motorcycle rally was expected to be held. However, the deadly virus shattered the feelings of those who were preparing themselves to attend this rally.

After getting a high amount of life-risk reports, the event organizers and mayor Ignacio decided not to extend the dates of this event due to health issues. Therefore, it’s decided to cancel this year's event to make people's lives safe from this deadly virus.

However, the organizers have given hope to the people that the event will take place in the next year. It’s a positive thing that came out from the organizer's side, which created a sense of hope for the people to resume the enjoyable experience of this event in the next year.

Indianola Bike Night:

In the summers, Enthusiastic bike lovers tend to enjoy the roar of their bikes in the Indianola square every year. It’s a kind of event that takes place every year to keep the enthusiasm in the heart of bike lovers.

Due to covid-19, the organizers are turning their decision down to let it happen in the summers of 2020. The reason behind this is the high amount of rallies that tend to come to this place and join other bike enthusiastic people. A considerable amount of people is a dangerous thing that can take the life of thousands of people from this virus.

Because of it, the organizers are concerned not to risk the life of patrons, vendors, riders, volunteers, and participants who are the part of this event. The organizers also said that it’s the heart-wrenching experience for them to cancel this event, but that’s what is best for every person's life.

Rebel Road Motorcycle Rally

For the past six years, the child abuse council of Muskegon county was organizing the rebel road motorcycle events successfully to raise money for the child abuse cases. However, Covid-19 has made all of the plans shattered by its deadly effect.

A high amount of people tends to come to this rally for the support of these children. Moreover, it also allows them to keep their enthusiasm prolong as a bike rider. Unluckily, this year will not entertain the people who are planning for rebel road motorcycle rally.

The organizers are pretty sure about the consequences that will expose in the face of more coronavirus cases if the event happens. So with a heavy heart, the organizers are expecting to cancel the event for this year.

Digby Wharf Rally 2020:

September is marked as the day in the life of all the motorcycle Enthusiasts to attend the most-

awaited rally every year in Canada. However, the fear of Covid-19 is also roaming around this area, which has also reduced the chances of this event going to happen this year.

All those hotel bookings and people gathering will become silent just to let the people safe from the effect of this virus. Due to the high amount of people gathering, the organizers have come to the point to cancel the event this year.

Thunder in the Storm Rally

The most-awaited mountain rally of Motorcycle enthusiasts in North Carolina is also canceled

due to the coronavirus. In the year 2020, no one will get the chance to win around $1000 as a winning cash price. The idea of this decision takes place just because of preventing the life risk of people who participate in or enjoy this event.

Red River Motorcycle Rally:

Red River is another memorable rally that makes the motorcycle enthusiastic about enjoying the life-time experience by joining the rally. Unfortunately, the life risk due to covid-19 has changed vendors' minds after meeting with the red river council. It’s been said the rally will not be going to happen this year to ensure the safety of all the participants who visit this rally.

Bike Expo New York:

Bike expo is another fantastic event every year to gather all of the bike lovers and provide something unique in front of them. However, the response of Covid-19 has made it harder for the organizers to continue the expo this year. After the outreach poorly affected the people of New York, the organizers have decided to resume the event for the next year.

Any other motorcycle events you might know that have been cancelled due to #covid-19? Leave your comments below.

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