7 Of The Most Popular Motorcycle Channels

If you are searching for the top best motorcycle adventure YouTube channels, then the good news is you are at the right spot. Today, we have created a comprehensive guide for you that will highlight 7 addictive motorcycle adventure YouTube channels. Let’s take a look at each channel one by one!

1. RNickeyMouse

RNickeyMouse is a popular motorcycle adventure YouTube channel that posts about amazing Mulholland riders, top street bikes, car, and bike crashes over a section of Mulholland Highway known as “The Snake”. The real person behind this channel is Ken Snyder who loves what he creates for his YouTube videos. He has made several adventurous attempts on Mulholland Highway in California that he has become a renowned motorcycle adventurer in the biker community.


The most liked videos of RNickeyMouse are of accidental crashes. Such videos depict the type of mistakes that bikers should avoid. His other videos such as that of Kawasaki Ninja 250, Road Hazards, Lowside crash Up Close, and fast Harley POV is also appreciated by many people. Each of his videos has thousands or millions of views. Due to all such informative videos, his channel RNickeyMouse has more than 438 thousand subscribers!

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2. Walterrific

Another famous YouTube channel is Walterrific that has over 2.27 million subscribers. It is one of the best motorcycle adventure channels as it combines top-quality video content with humor and randomness. The person behind the channel is Walterrific who is a moto vlogger in Maryland. After every few days, Walterrific post videos related to riding the electric motorcycles and the best road trips that went well.

His videos are not only explanatory but enjoyable to watch as well. In fact, this YouTube channel is an adventure that what he will be uploading next.

If you didn’t check this channel up till now, visit it right now and get all the latest videos full of motorcycle adventurous content.

3. Motorcycle Dreams

Looking for reviews of the latest motorcycles – what are they and how they work? If yes, then Motorcycles Dreams is the best YouTube channel. With more than 97 thousand subscribers, it publishes videos after every two or three days. The videos are related to Honda, Suzuki, KTM, DUCATI, BMW, and YAMAHA bikes.

What makes the Motorcycles Dreams unique from other YouTube channels is the promo videos that provide a little bit of detail about the upcoming and the recently released motorbikes before they are released on any other channel. The beauty here is that the quality of the videos and the HD images and shots is just amazing. The description here is detailed and the content is always up to the mark. Not only this, but the customization videos are also very good and are liked by a lot of the bike-lovers. In short, this channel is worth-visiting.

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4. Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian is a leading YouTube channel among bike-riders. Having over 1.33 million subscribers, Royal Jordanian posts informative and interesting videos related to the daily observations during riding. His recent videos about things that happen during his daily riding in London hit many views and are liked and shared by many people. According to Royal Jordanian, riding a bike is like medicine as it reliefs him.

In addition, this YouTube channel also post videos in which the questions related to bike riding are asked. Plus, his videos on South Africa and the Euro tour are also entertaining as well. His Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts have brought much traffic to the channel.

The videos are simple and quite effective. There are good shot videos with a helmet-mounted cameras and some text written over the top of the video.

You must check this YouTube channel as there is much more for the adventurous bike riders.

5. Baron Von Grumble

Another popular and addictive motorcycle adventure YouTube channel is Baron Von Grumble. He has over 260 thousand subscribers and 231 videos. Not only this, but Baron Von Grumble has also been riding motorbikes since 2008. That makes his videos even more impressive.

This channel is famous for videos related to bike reviews and events. He has also covered some adventurous bike-related trips throughout Europe in his videos.

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6. Adjrian Nickelodeon

Adjrian Nickelodeon is an Australian professional creator and a YouTube moto-vlogger who has created this amazing channel to share good bike-riding content with the people. He shares different types of videos such as the reviews of fastest bikes, installation of motorcycle parts, and behind the scenes videos as well.

With over 185 thousand subscribers, his YouTube channel is getting more subscribers day by day because of his exciting videos. His most viewed videos are those in which there is a call-out for those people who use mobiles during driving.

7. Roadcraft Nottingham

Another YouTube channel whose videos are mostly viewed by bike riders is the Roadcraft Nottingham. It is a relatively smaller channel as compared to other channels on our list as it consists of more than 67 thousand subscribers. Although it possesses a limited number of subscribers, it provides many entertaining yet informational videos for the bike enthusiasts.


The Roadcraft Nottingham YouTube channel is owned by the Roadcraft School of Motorcycling. They have motorcycle instructors who have been awarded several achievements in the industry and have over 34 years of teaching experience. This channel shares essential bike riding tips and advice, bike positioning demonstration, and detailed bicycle-riding lessons. Plus, it also shares funny bloopers as well which people love to enjoy at the end of the video.

One of the great videos of this channel is a video that showed a bike rider who experienced a crash in real life. It is a very informative video that is viewed and liked by many people.

Having said all the above, i am sure there are quite a few more popular channels out there. Help enrich this list with your recommendations on the most popular motorcycle YouTube channels.

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