9 Mistakes Every Adventure Bike Rider Makes

Anyone who rides motorbikes know that riding a bike is a lot more than just a fun and adventure biking is wholly different from driving. Every adventure bike rider knows this fact that it is far more dangerous riding a motorcycle than driving a sports car. Are you a fan or lover of bike riding? Are you a beginner and looking for some guidance? Do you want to improve your riding experience? If yes, then stick to this post because here you can find the solution of your all bike riding problems.

This is a small but an informational guide, and here I have mentioned 9 common mistakes that all bike riders make. Learn these points and try not to make these mistakes.

1. Not Wearing Safety Gear

Taking extra precautionary measures in any situation is better than losing. In warm or summer season, some young riders or beginner riders leave off their safety gears for the sake of their comfort and convenience. But end up sticking in terrible conditions. In many countries, it is compulsory to wear helmets because it can save your head and face from terrible injuries. Some of the riders’ loss their lives because they don’t wear helmets or want to show off their skills.

2. Air Down Tires

flat motorcycle tire parked for a long time_800x534

Riders commonly practice to let some air down from the tires because it offers better transaction on the road. But in case of adventure bikes, it can create terrifying situations. These bikes are heavy, and riders often carry heavy safety gears with them. So, never let air down from tires because it becomes difficult to balance heavy bikes on roads.

3. Utilize Front Break

red motorcycle front brake_800x534

All the adventure bike riders know that front brake is favorable on the pavements but not in all cases. It is very rare that riders use gear brake. Front brakes in adventure bikes can easily lock up and cause serious crashes. So it is recommended to use gear brake when it is necessary because it can stabilize your bike after stopping.

4. Loose Grip

motorcycle grip with brake lever_800x475

Most of the new riders think that it is necessary to tighten your grip over bouncy hills and rough rocks. But in reality, there is opposite that you should do on heavy adventure bikes. A rider should allow the bike to move smoothly underneath him and allow it to go in its way. With adventure bikes, it is important to keep it up-straight and for this purpose don’t hold it tightly.

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5. Handlebar Risers

handlebar risers motorcycle with speedometer and key input_800x531

Many bike riders use risers to make it more comfortable and ride the bike more smoothly while standing, but it is dangerous to do. The heavy bikes are already designed in this way, and the addition of risers will make it difficult for the rider to make it on gear break. So skip handlebar risers on adventure bikes for attaining optimum handling.

6. Light Pack

adventure motorcycle in front of a snowy mountain in turkey fully packed with luggage_800x532

The untrue truth about adventure bikes is that women always pack too much as compared to men. But this stereotype is not true. Because in reality, a rider (regardless the gender) usually pack themselves far more than it is required. Adventure bikes are already heavy, so wearing heavy packs mean you are increasing the weight limit on the bike. The extra weight on heavy bikes will degrade their abilities, and the extra packing will leave not enough space for the rider to adjust on it.

7. Stand Up on Bike

stand up on motorcycle for more control over the bike_800x600

Sometimes standing on the adventure bikes during rides makes it easier for bikers to handle situations. On the tough terrain and tricky roads, it becomes difficult to manage a bike. At first, it is difficult, but as a rider, it becomes comfortable and makes it easy to sit again on the bike. Counterintuitively, stand up on adventure bikes lower the center of gravity of your body. This technique also allows the bike to bounce over tricky tracks more freely.

8. Sit Forward on Bike

It is fair to sit forward on pavements or on dirt roads for saving energy for tricky terrains. But make sure whenever you sit, stay forward as far as possible. This is the main trick that will help you not only in handling the weight of the bike but also the weight of your own body.

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9. Proper Training

rider doing training on how to ride around cones

No matter, if you want to drive a sports car or an adventurous bike, proper training is necessary in every case. Most of the people spend thousands of dollars on the look of their bike but don’t spend a single penny for taking proper bike riding training. And this is wrong; without proper training, you will end up meeting an accident and causing loss to others.

Any thought on the mistakes riders do? Leave your comments below.

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