A Different Kind Of Adventure - Announcement

Hi All,

I am really not the kind of person who likes to repeat the same things over and over again.

Folks, there is a problem with the #coronavirus and we all know it.

Eventually we will get over this just like we got over a lot of other obstacles, both as humanity and each and every one of us individually.

Watch after yourselves and do what is necessary to protect your loved ones. They are the only thing we truly have in this world.

Now, after my speech on the most important things that we are concerned with, let me open a parenthesis on the production of our gear.

There are severe delays both in production as well as delivery of our gear. I know we have ran out of stock in most sizes and i am doing my best to restock. Please be patient as this will take time.

Again, stay safe, healthy and watch after your loved ones.

And remember, best times are ahead of us!


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