All You Need to Know Before Going on A Motorcycle Adventure

We have all planned once in our lifetime to go on a biking trip. It is not as easy as car trips in which you just fuel up the tank and go on; you must have complete knowledge about a lot of things. This article covers all the basic necessities you should carry with you on your motorcycle trips.

We know that if you are in the process of planning a motorcycle adventure you most probably have a list with all the things you want to take with you. Things like your adventure suit, cameras, flashlight, some motorcycle parts etc. We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with some extra suggestions to complement your list and make sure you won't miss something:

All in all, here is what you need before going on a motorcycle adventure:

  1. A road map

  2. A bluetooth helmet communicator

  3. A GPS tracker

  4. Evacuating insurance

  5. A tire repair kit

  6. Take breaks

  7. Eat at off-timings

  8. A portable air compressor

  9. A motorcycle toolkit

  10. A rain suit

  11. Special grip gloves

  12. A modular helmet

  13. A backpack

  14. A spare face shield

  15. Motorcycle owner's manual and spare bike key

A Road map:

A perfect ride is all about the journey and the area you cover while travelling, even if you know all the ways and short cuts, it better to keep a detailed map with you.

A Bluetooth helmet communicator:

The sound of wind and your bike is nice with lots of beautiful sights, but it is necessary to be in touch with your fellow partners, in any case, they get lost or some other reason you guys split.

A GPS tracker:

No matter how good of a bike you have, it is one of the most dangerous rides with a huge

accident ratio, it is safe to keep a GPS tracker with you, so that your loved ones know where you are in case of an accident.

Evacuating insurance:

Sometimes trips do not go as we plan, we never know what might happen so it is good to have evacuating insurance that can assist you in the situation of extreme rain or flooding and deliver you and your items back home safely.

A Tire repair kit:

It is suggested to have tubeless tired installed, which also get flat during your trips and can cause a huge hurdle in your adventurous trips, you must have a flat repair kit with you, it is not so heavy to carry and easy to use.

Take breaks:

Riding a motorcycle is not easy, especially when the road is bumpy, and you have to concentrate on it fully, take short water breaks during your trips and stay hydrated.

Eat at off-timings:

Restaurants and hotels are all filled up at peaking eating hours, for example at lunch or dinner time, so it's wise to stop at a restaurant on odd timings, so you don't waste your time.

A portable air compressor:

After you have fixed your flat tire you will need to inflate it again, one air compressor with a group of people is enough. It connects to your motorcycle's battery and is very easy to use.

Motorcycle tool kit:

These days bikes are fully maintained and do not need any touch up during the trip, but you must

have a motorcycle toolkit which you might use to tighten some loose nuts and bolts or tight your mirrors or tighten up your chain.

A Rain suit:

Commonly, weather forecast's predictions fail, and you get caught in the rain, well you would not want that on your adventurous fun trip and get all wet and dirty, it is necessary to have a rain suit that fits your body perfectly to have less wind pressure when you speed up your bike.

Special Grip Gloves:

You should also have waterproof grip gloves that will help you ride better, you might be able to

drive within the city without any gloves, but on long trips, your natural handgrip gets damaged so you must have a pair of grip gloves, these will enhance your riding skills and have more control on your bike.

A modular helmet:

It is necessary to have a helmet and is a basic rule around the world, you should have a modular flip-up helmet, so when you are riding slow, or you have a beautiful sight incoming you flip up your helmet and see it better with your naked eye, these helmets are more comfortable to wear and are more protective.

A backpack:

For a long drip, you might need to eat or drink water, for bikes you should have a backpack in which you put all your personal belongings and food and water to drink on your trips. Bike riding is tiring so you should drink plenty of water during your trips and have proper food.

A spare face shield:

If your helmet has a tinted face shield to give a much better view during the day, you might need an extra face shield which you put on during the night as it is impossible to ride with a tinted face shield during night time.

Motorcycle owner's manual and spare bike key:

It is safe and wise to know about your bike and have knowledge about some common issues but if you do not know that, just keep the manual of the bike with you, and it will help you with some common issues you might face and you should have a spare key in case you lose the first one or it gets damaged.

Any further suggestions on all you need to curry before going on a motorcycle adventure? Leave your comments below.

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