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Best 5 Motorcycles With A Seat Height Between 700mm & 719mm

As the title mentions, the article will include bikes in the provided parameter. The seat height converts between 27.56 and 28.31 meters for the individuals who utilize the imperial system. The motorbikes in the given category are usually found in the tourist category. They are very accommodating on unconventional terrains with their efficient mileage. Hope that helps!

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present the best 5 motorcycles with seat height between 700mm and 719mm:

1. Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114


The Fat Bob 114 motorbike has an appetite for travel and power. It is built for maximum performance with its muscular design. The fat Bob introduces a comfortable riding position that does not tense your lower back muscles. The seat is comfortable and in alignment with brake and dashboard placement.


• The motorcycle comes with a mighty and efficient engine. The throttle response will satisfy your soul with a pure rumble.

• The Milwaukee-Eight engine runs on power. It comes with dual disc brakes to enhance engine power.

• The exhaust available in the motorcycle is available in contrast finish.

• The wheels on the Fat Bob 114accompany bold aluminum that provides traction against asphalt surfaces.

• LED lighting will signal the bike emerging through sunset. It provides excellent visibility at nighttime and ensures you are the center of attention during the day on your bike.

• The motorbike comes with a modern fork design.

• It comes with single cartridge innovation that improves steering and brake performance.

2. Harley-Davidson Road King


Road King is an excellent bike for modern tours. The chrome material is very eye-captivating with curved hoods. Harley-Davidson Road King is inspired by the neo-classic style is unbeatable with Hiawatha headlamps and nacelle.


• The motorbike operates the ABS system independently on front and rear brakes. This prevents the wheel from rolling or losing control.

• The REFLEX LINKED brakes are designed to stop locking brakes.

• The chrome look may be dated, but it is commanding, nonetheless. Most modern material is used in constructing the bike.

• The technology installed ensures long-distance travel.

• The bike provides excellent front and rear suspension. It is adjustable by hand to place you in control for a comfortable ride.

• The 18-inch front and rear wheels match. They are lightweight and add elegance to the structure.

• The hinges are very easy to operate. They are clean and open with one hand.

• The engine is exceptionally smooth and provides excellent suspension.

3. 2020 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.


Suzuki Boulevard B.O.S.S is what cruisers dream of. The muscular body against the V-twin engine will provide a guaranteed smooth ride. It will have your adrenaline flowing with not just the looks but through the perfect seating design and suspension effort.


• The paint job is flawless. It is deep and rich in pigmentation. It will surely stand out in the course landscape.

• Every component from head to toe is purposeful. The tail cowl is optional but adds sleekness to the bike design.

• The V-twin engine revs at 54 degrees to accommodate the mufflers with significant diameters.

• The front brakes are radial-mounted. The well-placed brakes contribute to excellent brake installation and a smoother ride.

• The bike comes with an engine guard to protect the components from mud and dust.

• The manufacturer provides a mileage warranty for the first twelve months.

• The power and torque are well operated by the double-cradle installed in the handles.

4. 2020 Suzuki Boulevard C50T


2020 Suzuki Boulevard C50T is so comfortable you would find the rider’s seat exactly as sitting on your couch at home. It is a standout among crowds and an excellent highway companion with an aerodynamic windshield and spacious seating.


• The metallic overlay blends beautifully with the graphic styling and studded leather seats to provide a modern take of a cruising bike.

• The V-twin engine provides power to the dual brakes—the bike sails on and off the highway.

• The five-speed transmission feeds power to the engine via a light pull.

• The passenger seat is made out of thick pillion that helps the fellow rider spectate views from over the shoulders.

• The fuel tank capacity of 4.1 gallons is not so obviously located. It complements the chrome look of the wheels and their placement.

• The manufacturer provides a limited mileage warranty for the first twelve months.

5. Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster


Speedmaster is for riders who are still fans of the classic motorbike outlay. Triumph Speedmaster comes with improved performance, efficient handling, and comfort like never before.


• The 1200cc engine has a strong torque. It has become lightweight with its quick response feature.

• The motorcycle design is inspired by the British style and attitude. Forward foot position is among the most prominent features.

• The maneuvering has been improved with the latest components that contribute to the Speedmaster’s steering display.

• The passenger and rider’s seats are more comfortable with a 27.75 height so you can enjoy the surrounding views.

• The motorcycle has cruise control, ABS safety features, traction control, torque clutch assistance, and LED lighting for illuminating roadside assistance.

Any thoughts on best 5 motorcycles with a seat height between 700mm and 719mm? Leave your comments below.


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