Best 5 Motorcycles With Seat Height Between 660MM & 679MM

Are you ready to choose a best motorcycle with seat height? Is it hard for you to look for the motorcycle seat which suits according to your requirements?

If you are planning to go on a road tour then choosing a comfortable and durable motorcycle should be your first want. Let’s help you a bit in it!

Here is the list of the best bikes in the height range of 660mm to 679mm. Also, check out some more details about the bike. The specs and details about every bike will help you distinguish.

1. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim (660mm)

2. Harley-Davidson Deluxe(673mm)

3. Indian Vintage Dark Horse(660mm)

4. Indian Roadmaster Limited(673mm)

5. Honda Shadow Aero(660mm)


It has a low center of gravity. Plus, a short distance from the ground to the hip of the rider. Even, a low height rider can easily rest a flat foot on the ground.

Since the phasing out of Dyna cruiser, there has been a lot of change in the shapes of Softails. Nowadays Softail family is a built-in cruiser shape. The change is amazing for sure.

Previously, the old models used to be like rigid shape. You get telescopic hydraulic shocks in new models. The front forks look fatter and the black color matches its sliders. Also, the headlight cover is in black. As well as another part, the back and front fenders give bobber style to the bike.

Moreover, instead of alloy rims, you have spoken rims. To be honest, it looks shinier with aluminum spokes and a black rim.

The batch looks premium on a 5-gallon tank. On the side, there are black wrinkle coat fins that look stylish. Choosing metal and aluminum looks amazing on this bike. You get a single disk brake on the front wheel. Although, it works amazingly in new models.


The small details on this bike are amazing. Perhaps, it is one of the most stylish bikes ever made. Firstly, the main thing which everyone focuses on is its large size. It is around 2.4 meters in length. Also, every other part of this cruiser bike is extra-sized. The jaw-dropping looks of the bike are due to its dashing blue color, chrome body, and design. You see two lights surrounding the front main lamp.

These extra lamps are mounted with the indicators on either side. On the front, the shiny fork goes down to the wheel. Both the wheels are spoked with a thick white line on the tires. The first thing to see from the side is the chrome engine cover and white lines. Inside that chrome cover, there is a huge 107-V twin engine.

Additionally, the fuel tank is containing space for 19.1 liters. The height of the seat is 675 mm. The rear shocks are hidden inside the seat. On the right side, the twin exhaust pipes are present; one a bit smaller than the other. The rear fender has led lights. It has 86bhp and 145 Nm of torque. On the brighter side, the clutch is light so shifting gear is easy.

One look of Harley Davidson Deluxe is enough to fall for it. The chrome detailing, turbo engine, and stylish headlights are amazing.


The Indian vintage dark horse is the latest addition to the vintage family. The best part is that it costs less than other dark horse. You get a total blacked-out style with leather bags on both sides. You get an old school meter on the top of the fuel tank where you can check the fuel level, the temperature, gear indication, clock, and speed. The power button is also just above the meter.

Surprisingly, the cruiser bike has a sport mode in it too which you can shift easily. On the right handle, you have a start button. Whereas, on the left, there is a flashlight, cruise control switch, and high beam. Also, you must notice that it is a solo seat bike. As mentioned already, on both sides there are leather bags.

Fortunately, the handle of this low seated bike has nothing on it, so you get a clear view of the road ahead. It has a V-twin thunder stroke engine. The fuel capacity is 5.5 gallons with a seat height of 660mm. it produces a torque of 119.0 lb-ft at 3,000rpm.


The new Indian roadmaster limited has heated and cooled seats. It has a nice big trunk on both sides that opens easily with one push button. You get a central locking option to lock all the trunks. Besides huge space, it has a charging port inside the major seat trunk. You get a lot of storage space in it.

The power button is on the right with cruise control and windscreen adjustment. Plus, horn and everything. The best part is that you get a huge display screen in the middle of the handle. It has navigation options, music control, and many cool features. The wind protection by windscreen is also good.

The classy paint adds more style to this new Indian Roadmaster. It is an ideal bike for touring as it contains storage for over 37 gallons of fuel. It produces a torque of 126 ft-lbs at 2900 pm. The front wheel is 16 x 3.5 while the rear wheel is 16 x 5.0. also, it has an Anti-lock braking system.


With dashing style and cool looks, the new Honda Shadow Aero is an amazing midsize cruiser motorcycle. It is an ideal choice for low-class riders who do not want heavy size bikes. Although, it may not look like one but is a lot better than many bikes in the market. The engine is a V-twin 745 cc. Consequently, it is a super comfortable bike. Moreover, it is available with or without ABS. it will make your trip enjoyable and convenient. It has 5-speed transmission producing a torque of 47.9 lb-ft at 3,500rpm. The seat height is 660mm. Besides the 41mm fork front suspension, the rear ones are dual shock 3.5-in.


So are you ready to go on a bike ride with your friends? If yes, then do check out the above options of motorcycle with seats and pick the one which you feel will give you an excellent comfort throughout the whole journey. Consider budget in mind as well.

Any thoughts on the best motorcycles with seat height between 660mm & 679mm? Leave your comments below.

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