Best Adventure Roads In South-Eastern Europe

Road trips are always fun, and any path is beautiful unless you have the right things with you. A good vehicle, your equipment or a person whose company you enjoy. Music can be your best friend too. But if you want to go on a solo road trip, specifically on an adventure. You need to make sure a good route.

So here we are with the best roads in South Eastern Europe for you to go explore and have adventures.

Romania-Transfagarasan Highway:

If you like adventures, then you are definitely going to love this highway, snaking its way across the Romanian Mountains. Through the increase in tourism in the Eastern Europe, the Transfagarasan highway has gained more importance internationally. You can enjoy the view of green mountains all around while the road twists and turns across them.

There are a lot of forests and natural amphitheatres along the way. The total length of the highway is 90 km and is on an altitude of 2042 m. The road was initially built for military use but was later opened to the public as well. The road is smooth with seductive curves and gives you your best experience. It gets relatively patchy when you go further, but for a bike with proper road tyres, there is no problem.

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There are multiple fuel stations along the way so you might not want to worry about that. There are numerous hotels and guest houses for a stay that provide breakfast, lunch and dinner so food would not be on your worry list too. They have lovely places to stay and almost have every facility. Not only this but if you want to enjoy the wild, there are multiple camping places along the way too to spend the night. Nice, no? But considering the weather is also important as the highway is mostly closed from October to June due to snow.

Shipka pass:

Shipka pass bulgaria_800x534

Shipka pass is a road located between the Bulkan Mountains in Bulgaria. Its height is 1190 m above the sea level. The pass connects the two towns, Gabrovo and Kazanluk. If this is in your information, a whole war was fought over it called the battle of Shipka pass. The pass is called Shipka as it is near a town called Shipka and is 13 km in length.

The route is overall challenging, but you are awarded well by the fascinating sights and the fresh cool air. This is a perfect route for those who like to wander and have adventures. If you like to challenge your abilities, this is just the pass you are going to need. There are only a few stops for food, so you will have to carry your own food if your hunger is a beast. There are a lot of things to explore, as a whole history is buried down there with many places to visit. The best time to visit the Shipka pass will surely be mid-summer or autumn. Fuel stations are available. Not only this, but you can also consider visiting the valley of roses.

Adriatic highway:

adriatic highway croatia_800x362

The Adriatic highway, also known as Adriatic Coast road runs through Croatia. It is a 650 km long road with exciting curves and turns like riding a huge snake crawling through. There are fascinating blue waters at one side of the road, while sky-touching peaks at the other. In short there the road lies between two extreme heights. There are a lot of places along the way to stop and freshen up, which include food stalls, guest houses and hotels. What a privilege to dine in open skies and near blue waters and sky-high peaks. You should definitely try the local seafood (psst! do try the mussels).

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Hundred curves road, Poland:

hundred curves road poland_800x600

You should have already guessed by the name. The way is filled with a hundred curves and turns which you might want to dive into if you are considering going out on an excellent adventure. The road is 23 km long and 789 m meters high. There is not much traffic on the route, and the scenery is to die for. It is not very smooth, but it gives you a fantastic ride. This is the favourite summer spot of bike riders. The places around are filled with spa centres with affordable accommodation.

It has multiple locations for spending your night, and you might even want to see the towns along aside. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes too to give you your best trip. In winters, snow does cover the way but is regularly plowed. Otherwise, it is open all around the year. But beware as the road becomes slippery near fall and in winter.

These were some of the worth seeing places in Eastern Europe that you should travel to. So gear up, get your supplies and go get the wind.

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