Best Adventure & Touring Motorcycle Tires Of 2019 (Videos)

This is for all our amazing motorcycle freaks! Yes, you! We know how passionate you are about your motorcycles, riding off to far of places and discovering something new about it every day. If you are planning on going on an adventure or a tour on your motorcycle, then you need to make sure that is in an excellent condition to support you along the way. Your security and safety come first, and that dramatically depends upon the tyres that you use. Here we have a list of the most reliable and best grip tyres to ensure you have a safe and worry-free journey.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with some of the best motorcycle touring and adventure tires of 2019.

Let us have a look:

Best tyres for adventures:

First of all, you need to plan your route. After planning your route, what you need to see is, are there any routes involving going off-road? If yes then you need to get tyres designed to go on roads as well as off roads.

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Michelin Anakee Adventure tires:

Now this baby here has been awarded the best wanderer award by RevZilla. It has an incredible long-distance mileage and enables sport touring. It comes in both 19 and 20-inch size suitable according to what you want. Even when driving in streets, with the Michelin Anakee you can try going off the pavement as it has a fantastic grip off-road and provides with the right amount of friction. There is slightly harder compound at the middle which softens as we move towards the edges. Which gives you a better grip. If you love to explore and wander, this could be an excellent option for your motorcycle. It is a bit of a more aggressive tyre than the rest available in the market. It has an amazing traction even on wet roads.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II:

This tyre resembles the super Corsa SPv3 tyre. It is like a senior version of SPv3. It has more grooves and has a much weather capability. It has the highest speed rating that you get nowadays on other motorcycle tyres. Whether you are on track or off track, riding through canyons or valleys, this is really going to get you to where you want to be. It has a redesigned tread pattern and exhibits a good warm-up control and is ideal for both wet and dry conditions.

Pirelli has incorporated silica and black carbon nanotechnology in these tyre series. The internal structure has also been upgraded. It gives an improved control on acceleration and brakes. It has a double compound in the front and triple compound in the rear. It gives you an amazing lean angle. It is tubeless and has 168+ mph.

Dunlop Q3 Plus Sportmax Tyres:

This tyre provides you with a silica past based resident down the centre strip of the rear tire but still a softer compound on the side, so basically you are getting a two in one product. With an increased longevity in the centre of the tyre and not compromising on the grips at the sides of the tyres. It has an increased wet weather performance due to silica.

It has a more affordable price and has an improved life. In has been incorporated with new tech, giving you a better mileage and a cornering performance. It has the corner crushing carbon fibre technology. It scripts the start of Intuitive Response ProfileTM technology in the rear tire giving you an expanded latitude in choosing new line mid-corner. It gives you a wider margin in errors so you can go on adventures with almost no worries.

Pirelli scorpion rally STR tyres:

Those of you obsessed with big adventure motorcycles, this is a must-have. This is one of the aggressive tires with an excellent grip and balance. This is ideal for those of you street riders who are planning to go off-road and pushing your boundaries. This is a really good tyre to get started with. The Scorpion rally STR is really going to give you the confidence you need on that bike while trying out new routes and techniques. It gives you an amazing mileage and a great grip in multiple conditions and a reasonable control plus a long-lasting compound.

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Its high silicon content gives you an amazing traction on dry or wet roads and in low temperatures. It has an off-road inspired knob pattern which provides you with an increased land area for road stability. Another thing is that it is not too loud and gives you a good ride.

So these were few of the very best tyres available in the market to ensure a safe and amazing ride and to give you the best experience with your bike. Adventures become so much more interesting, and now you can spend more time exploring rather than worrying about how long the tyre will last. Happy riding!

Any suggestions on good motorcycle adventure and touring tires? Leave your comments below.

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