Best Motorcycle Adventure Boots (videos)

You have got your outfit and helmet, now all you need is a pair of best motorcycle adventure boots to complete your look. When it comes to buying a good pair of adventure boots, people find it often very overwhelming because of the wide variety available in the market. Each brand is selling different features. Good pair of adventure boots should be sturdy, comfortable, and tough with the capability of riding in rough locations.

For your help and convenience, we at Siima MotoWear have gathered some of the best motorcycle adventure boots out there. Let’s have a look upon them.

1. Forma Adventure Boots – Costs €194.99

The affordable price tag of Forma Adventure Boots for their all-around quality has made the riders sworn by them. The oil-tanned brown leather offers a beautifully designed and bold look to them. The Drytex membrane keeps your feet dry in wet weather conditions. The grip of its sole ensures stability on off-road and on-road performance for a prolonged period. However, the heel area and forefoot are a bit soft that is good for day to day comfort. The toe box and the help cups are soft that ensures overall comfort of the feet.

2. Falco Avantour Boot – Costs 239.99

Falco Avantour Boot made and designed in Italy. They are one of the most elegant looking adventure boots that are currently available in the market. The upper side of these boots is made up of treated leather that gets complemented with various black matte plastic panels. Just looking at the straps will make you think how painstakingly they get crafted. The overall appearance of these boots feels who much love one has given while designing this masterpiece. These boots are flexible enough to walk around comfortably and stiff enough to make you feel safe and secure. Also, they are waterproof, so no worry about getting wet. The sole of these boots stitched and glued that ensures these shoes are long-lasting. The grip of these shoes would not let you feel the pegs. All in all, they are entirely comfortable, secure, and fashionable.

3. Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex – Costs 299.99

Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex shoes are the result of great efforts of Sidi, who took lessons and learned boot making for motocross riders, tourers and road racers. Sidi combined everything in these boots to make them protective and keep the riders dry. These boots have hefty external protection such as PU shin plate that holds the moisture out and makes you feel dry. No matter where you are riding around the world, the deep rubber sole offers you secure footing. For the safe and snug fit, these shoes also feature buckle closure that is adjustable which means that your comfort is in your hand.

4. Forma Sahara Outdry Cooling – Costs 229.99

Forma Sahara Outdry is a unique pair of shoes that contains a water tank attached at the boot front. The water evaporates during your ride and keeps you fresh. Just like the name of these shoes, if you want to explore and spend some time riding across Sahara or Nambia, then put on these shoes and ensures that sweltering heat of Sahara is not bothering your feet. Abrasion-resistant material which is at the rear and front of the boot ventilated to pass the air and move around the foot. The shin armour reinforced the flexibility of the ankle, and the double density rubber sole is flexible enough to allow movement. But they are stiff enough to balance your feet in any sudden fall. The outdry membrane of these shoes ensures that these shoes are breathable and waterproof.

5. Cortech Accelerator XC - Costs $149.9

In the line of affordable adventure boots, Cortech Accelerator XC stands at the top. The features and the performance of these boots is similar to many of the high price tag boots. These boots feature Nubuck PU calf panel inside for firm grip, and the water repels PU on the upper side of the shoes. The Hipora membrane, which is waterproof keeps your feet comfortable and dry. The steel shank and thermoplastic midsole give you a sturdy place to stand. The expansion panel and three closure buckles help these boots to fit in all sizes. You would not find these great features of boots anywhere else in this price tag.

6. Oxford Explorer- Costs 149.95$

Oxford Explorer adventure boots also come at an affordable price with incredible features that usually people avail with a high price tag. The upper side of these boots is made up of leather and backed up by a water resistance membrane along with two buckles for perfect fit and size. A lower shanked, toe box, reinforced ankles ensure a stiffness that protects feet against injuries. The treaded outer sole provides a firm grip for performing on-bike and off-bike activities.

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