Best Spots On Your Motorcycle To Mount A GoPro Camera

It’s not essential to become a professional cinematographer to film every moment of your Motorcycle riding on Go Pro. However, the camera placement does play a vital role for making every shot gets a brilliant result for you.

Suppose you have just purchased GoPro and want to know the perfect location to mount it on your motorcycle. In that case, the article is best for you because we will tell you about the best mounting tips for GoPro on the motorcycle.

What should be the Best Mounting Location?


There is no specific mounting location for a GoPro camera on a motorcycle. Every rider has its demands for the footage. Therefore, it all depends upon the angles and footage needs of a rider. Let say you want to film riding skills; the mounting place of GoPro camera would be different. The same is the case with other things where you have to get the view differently to entertain others.

Common Mounting Spots:



The majority of the motorcycle riders mount their camera on the Helmet. It’s one of the smooth spots where you can perfectly film all the surroundings. However, these locations on helmet tend to change for every rider such as top, middle, and the front of it.

The majority of the peoples place the camera on their helmet to make reaction videos. With GoPro, you have the leverage to enjoy lightweight, small, and waterproof cameras for helmet mounting. The helmet area is also suitable for mounting the camera to pre-race on the tracks and get the best insight into it.

The benefit of mounting the GoPro camera on the helmet offers you a perfect point of view (POV). It means others could also experience the same view as you did during the riding time.

Mount GoPro on Chin of the Motorcycle Helmet:

All the current users of GoPro are trying the camera to mount on the chin of their helmets. It has also become a significant trend for a lot of riders. However, a lot of peoples are unknown for the major reason behind this.

At Chin of the Motorcycle helmet, GoPro provides the best point of view (POV). The footage you make from this spot will give you an eye-level view later on in the video. You will get aerodynamically footage from the GoPro camera, which you can’t get by placing it on top of the helmet.

The fantastic thing about mounting the GoPro camera on this spot is its resistance against wind drag and the power to stable your helmet rather than pulling it up. You might experience it when mounting the camera at the top of the helmet. But chin is will never give you such experiences.

Mounting GoPro on Tail of the Motorcycle:


The majority of Motorcycle riders want to see their riding techniques or want to show it to others. In these cases, it’s good to mount the GoPro camera on the Motorcycle's tail side. The spot helps you to get a stable mounting location for the riding experience. Not only that, your techniques and positioning during the riding time will also be caught from the tail side. So later, you can easily review it.

Mount GoPro on the Chest:

Another fantastic spot you can mount your GoPro camera is the chest area of your body. The point of view (POV) the spot will provide you exceptional as compared to other locations. If you want your handle and meter to also come throughout the motorcycle ride, it is right for you.

Another amazing thing about this spot is that it can operate an accessible location for you to shoot. So, you don’t need to regret about the poor footage experience later. Apart from that, mounting it on your chest will stop the vibration that irritates you due to the camera. It's good to consider this spot when you are planning to show POV or Off-road riding.