Ceasing Operations Until Further Notice

Hi all,

Through the last ten years or Siima MotoWear has been operational with no serious issues both in terms of production as well as shipping. I would like to thank you all for this. You have supported me with your encouraging words or you have tried or loved my products.

During these last ten years there have been many many...many difficulties that i have managed to overcome. I have created three jacket models one of which is a complete motorcycle adventure suit in combination with the pants and gloves that have been released late last year.

Siima MotoWear has never given me the financial independence but i was doing it because i love adventure motorcycling. It was just that. The expenses has been covered and i was happy with seeing my baby getting older, bigger and better. I was happy seeing so many adventurers around the world with Siima MotoWear products. From Alaska to Australia, from Chile to UK and beyond.

I have met great people during this journey which i will be forever greatful.I have no words to describe this journey. My love for motorcycle adventure is still there and the flare is on. During these hard times however, i am afraid that it is not possible for Siima MotoWear to continue to be.

Covid-19 has seriously impacted the way Siima MotoWear operates both in terms of supplying as well as distributing our products globally. Shipping costs have been in some cases more than tippled and in some other cases shipping takes ages.

Under these circumstances i am afraid to let you that i am temporarily ceasing operations until things get better. I will however keep searching for solutions to the existing problems and if i find i will let you all know.

This is not the end. This is a new beginning, a new adventure a new path. For all of us. Things will get better at some point and we will all start enjoying again the wonderful landscapes and cultures this planet has to offer.

Stay safe and thank you very very very much for being with me in this journey.



P.S. I will stay active in social media if you want to contact me. Also the website will be active and the blog content will be updated.

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