Essential motorcycle engine preparations for the new riding season

If you are thinking of doing any adventures on a motorcycle in the new riding season, then you should prepare your motorcycle engine before planning any such ride, if you want to avoid facing any problem. Here, at Siima MotoWear we've put together a list of some suggestions you should do before riding in the new riding season.

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A motorcycle engine is the main part of the motorcycle that powers overall motorcycle. A motorcycle engine is normally four stroke or two strokes. The motorcycle engine is very similar to the car engine.

The engine has the cylinder block, pistons and head that has the valve train. In the cylinder block, pistons move up or down. Pistons drive by the bearing of a fuel and air mixture that start by a spark. Motorcycle engine includes three things that you need in the preparation. Cylinders, the capacity of the chamber or the no of strokes in the power cycles.

Note: Make sure the are well maintained and working properly. Any strange sounds and you should probably up for an in depth look of the engine.

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Motorcycle engine has cylinders between 1 and 6. You can use the V-twin design engine; this engine is using in Europe and America for many years. V-twin design engine prepared by using two cylinders. Pistons are opposite to each other here when cylinders are aligned.

You can use Parallel-twin engine for riding it has the pistons that are present align by aligning in the up position. Even though two cylinder engines are doing great in long distance riding, four cylinders run smoother than a twin cylinder.

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Chamber size directly connected to its power. You can use capacity between 1500 cc to 50 ccs. For going to the riding, you can use KTM 1290 which has a 1301cc engine, triumph tiger which has an 800cc engine, Honda Africa which has a 998cc engine, BMW R1200 which has a 1170cc engine.

So, for going to the ride you should rev the engine, you should spray oil in the cylinders if you did not spray oil then before riding remove the plugs and enter two tablespoon oil into the plugs of the port. It will lubricate the upper portion of the cylinder before you start your bike. It will help the engine start smoothly.

You should change your engine oil if it is 500 km old.

After having a good powerful engine, there are some other things you should check before riding in the new season.

  • Check Fluids:

Check fluids hoses for looseness. Check the levels of all fluids, change all the fluids that look doubtful before riding. When topping off, the fluids use the new and sealed container.

  • Fuel system:

You should replace the fuel and examine it; fuel tanks have fittings and fuel lines. You should check your fuel first before riding whether it is neat clean or not if it is unclean or dirty you should replace it.

  • Check battery:

If before storage you removed the battery then clean all the terminals and cables using a wire brush, then grease it and reconnect. If you always keep your battery charge, it will stay in good shape. But if you store your bike without removing battery then again before riding in the new season, there is a need to charge the battery or replace the battery with the new one.

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  • Kick tires:

Before ridging, it is better to check your motorcycle tires cracks, punctures, bulges, or any flat spots. You should check the air pressure of your both tire of a motorcycle with a pressure gauge before riding.

  • Check brakes:

Check and change the brake fluids, and replace the brakes fluid with a new one if it was dirty. Check your bike breaks for leakage and cracks.

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  • Check out the steering, suspension and frames:

Check out the frames and cracks. You should carefully check all the areas around your engine, and move forks backwards and forwards. If you will see any movement in the steering head, tight that head properly before riding. Lubricate all the connections of a cable. Give oil all the grease and all bearings the kickstand.

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  • Check the electronic bike system:

Check the light switches, electronics, gauges and lights for the proper operation. Test the headlamps and back and front signal. Test horns, test brake, lights all the electronic parts of your bike before riding.

  • Test controls:

Examine the engine, hoses and cables for any crack. Check the pedals and levers for making sure they are fully oil.

Well, before going to nay adventure or for simply riding your bike n the new season you should use the well-prepared engine, lubricate all parts of bike examine it before riding.

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