5 Facts About Motorcycle Tires You Should Be Aware Of

In search for the best motorcycle tires to fit into your bike, you will surely have heard many ideas. You will eventually get confused and make wrong decisions about which tire is better for your riding style and your motorcycle.

Fortunately, we at Siima MotoWear have done our research and came up with five facts about motorcycle tires to get you informed and make your selection much smarter.

Bib mousse

Motorcycle tires (such as Michelin) are equipped using the bib mousse. A mousse is an important part in some off-road tires designed to permit them maintain functionality despite a leak. It is a ring of flexible foam placed inside a tire before it's fitted into the rim. When the tire is inflated, the mousse is compressed. Once the tire is in use, the mousse heats up and becomes ready to utilize. In the event of air leak from the tire, the mousse expands, giving pressure close to that of an inflated fatigue. This saves the motorbike from toppling over in the event of a pierce.

Scooter Tires

Red Lambretta Scooter With Fancy Tires

Different tires are created for different types of scooters. They maintain stability and grip on the road. They are also designed with aesthetics in mind so that not only does they match your taste but bring out the beauty on your scooter. Besides providing your scooter the desired functionality, today's modern tires make it stand in style and turn the heads of fellow bikers.

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Dirt Bike Tires

motocross dirt bike equipped with off road tires

Dirt bike tire designs are concentrated on teeth direction. The thickness, orientation as well as the designs among the teeth pattern are unique and perfected for different function. As dirt bikes are preparing to skid dirt, their tires are created in such a way so they provide maximum and firm grip. They are also characterised by long service of their use. Many tire building companies have devoted to tires for dirt bikes either for hard and soft surfaces as per riders' qualifications.

Street Bike Tires

Buell Nakes Street Motorbike Showing Tires

The best street bike tires come with strong rubber. Up-to-date street tires are designed to stick on the road for longer period of time. By sticking on the road, the tires get better and better in their performance. Performance is enhanced by acquiring the torque from the rider. This significantly lowers the chances of slipping. Historically, there has been a variety of street tires offered with many styles and tread patterns. Each one of these tires is custom targeted at unique situations, cross country traveling, track speed trials, or casual riders.

Dual Sport Tires

Dual Sport Motorcycle with front wheel dissasebled showing the tire

Dual sport tires are intended for both on-road and off-road purposes. They are made to ensure that the rider remains legal, safe and comfortable on both roads. They are also suitable for wet use and as weather changes, dual sport tires are able to adapt in these conditions. This saves the rider from the hassle to keep changing tires with every change of season.

Motorcycle tires is something really amazing since is the only thing that connects the riders and the roads. Choose them wisely along with your other motorcycle safety gear.

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