Five Best Drones For Motorcyclists

Are you going to motorcycle ride? And want to capture your thrill and experience? Then you can capture your thrill and experience yourself with the help of drones. You can get footage of your action during riding in the planet's most remote areas. Drones will guarantee a perfect landscape as well riding view of you and your motorcycle.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we have compiled the list of 5 best motorcycle drones, that you can use to capture your action footage. Let’s take a look:

1. DJI Phantom Three Standard (Quadcopter):

DJI Phantom is one of the high-quality drones that you can get at a reasonable rate.

Here are some characteristics of DJI Phantom:

· It weights are 1216 grams.

· DJI Phantom has the maximum ascent speed fiver meter per second, and the descending speed is three meters per second.

· In the air, DJI Phantom has the maximum speed of the 16 meters per second.

· It can fly 25 minutes with the one battery.

· One interesting feature of DJI Phantom is that it has a GPS that built in and the return home characteristics.

· For the 2.7K video recording mode, HD is 1280* 720p

· Maximum image size is 4000 to 3000

· It controls with the mobile app “DJI GO”. This app is compatible with both Android devices and IOS.

It is available in three different models such as standard, professional and advanced. Standard is the cheapest model about all, and it has very good and clear footage quality.

If you are the beginner, you can go with it, and professional and advanced models have some more properties.

2. DJI Phantom four (Quadcopter):

DJI Phantom is one of the newly released drones. It has light time up to 28 minutes.

This drone has the advanced features for the avoidance of obstacle that will be suitable for you in a different environment, such as in the follow me mode on the drone. It has a very fast speed of 20 m/s.

It has some characteristics, such as:

· It weights are 1380 grams

· It has the ascending speed six meters per second while its maximum speed of descending is four meters per second.

· 20 meter per second is the maximum speed of DJI Phantom four.

· 2 to the 49 meters is the obstacles sensory range.

· Video recording mode HD of this drone is 1280p* 720p

· It has the maximum size of the 3,000 to 4,000.

One main difference between the phantom three and four is phantom 4 has a more intelligent camera. Phantom four has the proper feature for avoiding the obstacle. It can take the automatically shots during riding,

It has the more flight time than the phantom three, due to which it has the capability it tracks for a longer time.

3. 3DR Solo Drone (Quadcopter):

Solo 3DR is the drone for GoPro; it known as the 1st smart drone of the world. It is known as the drone of having a brain. The twin computers power it for more intelligent performance. It is very easy to use, and best for the newbies.

3DR Solo has the following characteristics:

· It has the 1500 grams weight, that can grow up to the 1800 gram due to the addition of GoPro camera and gimbal.

· It has the maximum speed of ascending 10 meters per second.

· And the maximum airspeed of this drone is 89 KM per hour.

· Maximum flight time is 25 minutes.

· Maximum payload is 420 gram.

· It has approximately 1.5 hours of battery charging.

Solo has much intelligen