5 Best Motorcycle Tents For Adventure Riders

Let us be honest. Motorcycles cry out for adventures. Often these adventures will take you farther than you ever thought you would be travelling with your motorcycles. Cross-country adventures with your motorcycle are lifelong dreams. We understand that you regard your motorcycle as your companion through the wild side of life. It is your chariot, your trusted steed. You are moved to take good care of your machine companion, but you must remember to protect yourself as well when you embark on the journey.

Anyone who owns a motorcycle understands the sacred bond between the rider and their bike. Your chariot of the road is much like an extension of yourself. Once you own a motorcycle, you understand how much goes into maintaining the glory of the companion in all your journeys. The work of marvel and machinery comes with its own requirements to ensure that it can weather whatever life throws your way on your journeys.

For this reason, you may find yourself with your motorcycle when the sun is going down and darkness takes over. The possibility of a camp out with your motorcycle may excite you but then the practicalities begin to weigh you down. You must be equipped with the resources that will protect your and your motorcycle through the night.

This means you need a tent that will not only shelter you, but also be lightweight and portable enough that you can carry it with you when you begin your adventure. The sort of tent you are looking for a motorcycle adventure is just like any other tent you are looking for any other camping trip.

The tent should be lightweight enough to be compact, durable enough to weather any storm, and protect you through all the elements of nature. With the addition of, of course, being able to become an appropriate parking garage for your motorcycle for the night as well.

Let us take a look at the five of the best options you have for motorcycle tents for adventure rides.

1. Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1

The Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 is perfect for you if you are travelling solo, with

TSHSL116_SeedhouseSL1 2016_Tent-001

only your motorcycle to look after. With complete capacity to provide shelter for you, the Seedhouse SL1 tent is made by Big Agnes in a Titanium Green colour, being sold for $279.95, making it a capital investment. The design is free standing, featuring an expansive D-shaped door which features a very quick and efficient setup time. It is made of waterproof nylon and structured to provide optimal ventilation.

In terms of portability, it can be rolled into 4 inches by 17 inches that can fit perfectly in your adventure saddlebag, or it could even be attached across your handlebars. It weighs only a little over two and half pounds. This tent is adapted to three seasons, coming equipped with tent webbing and reflective guylines so that it is easy to spot if you are searching for it through the dead of the night. The interior of the tent provides you with mesh bags that can be used to stack away your gear, as well as gear loops to give you access to an overhead hammock for your gear.

2. MSR Elixir™ 2

MSR Elixir™ 2

In the case that your adventure involves more than just your motorcycle as your companion, Mountain Safety Research has found you solutions for bunking during motorcycle adventures. They have come up with the MSR Elixir 2 which can provide shelter for two people at the capital investment price of $249.95. What they offer is shelter that weighs a little under six pounds and is compact enough to be folded into a bundle which is 7 by 20 inches that can be stuffed into a storage bag or attached to the backrest for carrying. Its design is freestanding and lightweight, well-suited to three seasons, and with separate doors for you and your companion.

3. Hilleberg Staika

The Hilleberg representative is the most expensive at $945 but it is also unique in

Hilleberg Staika

its nature of weathering all four seasons, including snow, if you dare adventure through it. It boasts a beautiful dome like design. If there is one thing about which you can be certain when it comes to a Hilleberg, it can protect you through whatever elements of nature you face on your motorcycle adventure. Not only you, it can also protect a friend with its two-person design. It lacks a garage but weighs at a hefty nine pounds that can bundled into an 8 by 22 inches package that can be carried in the storage compartment or strapped to your backrest. If there is one thing for certain, it is that it will provide a spacious and sturdy solution.

4. Lone Rider Mototent

Lone Rider Mototent

When it comes to solutions that will allow you to stay with your motorcycle through the night, the Mototent offers you a garage and so much more. The Lone Rider can provide shelter for up to two people, while still leaving plenty of room for your motorcycle and its gear. If that was not space enough, you even get a patio where you can take in the view or cook without being brought down by the weather.

5. Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Redverz Atacama Expedition Motorcycle Tent

Redverz brings you another bunk with your bike tent that can shelter a bike in its 36 inches wide garage bay and three people inside its interior. It comes equipped with a mosquito net to protect you from other assailants of nature, apart from the weather. It also features a ten-inch bathtub style floor to keep you away from moisture. Although the heaviest tent in the list at over fourteen pounds, it does manage to bundle up into a nine by twenty-one-inch package. It

What motorcycle tent do you use? Any tips and tricks? Leave your comments below.

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