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5 Interesting Motorcycles We Should Expect To See At EICMA 2018

Motorcycle adventures are essential, and they are worth it. Your motorcycles may just be the most important part of your trip. They become the machines you rely on when the going gets tough.

They inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and just ride across the known and the unknown. If you are looking for the holy book of motorcyclists, look no further than the EICMA publishing. Once the lists come out, it is like Christmas for all motorcycle enthusiasts. EICMA is the holy grail of motorcyclists, and it has come out with an interesting list of bikes to keep an eye out for.

Looking for the best to set out with on your adventure tour in 2018? Searching for the phenomenal road warrior that will help you conquer whatever adventure you embark on? The EICMA is ready to unveil some of the top new motorbike models that are all set to be your potential companion candidates for the adventure.

Every year turns out the best of humanity’s newest motorcycle developments. It shows us what the world has conquered in the year before and how it cumulates to make the best adventure motorcycles.

Here is what to expect at the upcoming EICMA 2018:

Ducati Multistrada 1260

Even though the new Multistrada is mostly the same as older versions, but it got a

ducati multistrata 2018 the fairing close up in red color_800x534.jpg

major upgrade to a 1262cc engine called the Testrastretta DVT. It peaks at a power of 158PS and 129Nm torque which exceeds the old model which generated 127Nm of torque and 152PS of power. There will be three variants of the bike, the 1260 S, 1260 D-Air, the Standard, as well as Pikes Peak version. The S, D-Air, and Pikes Peak version come with a bi-directional quick shifter and, instead of the digital one on the standard version, it sports a 5 inch TFT instrument panel. The motorbike also features four riding modes, namely Enduro, sport, touring and Urban. The Pikes Peak version used carbon fibre which made it weigh 3kgs lighter than the standard model.

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Triumph Tiger 1200

triumph tiger 1200 in the expo_800x534.jpg

Triumph went all out in upgrading their bikes to fit the riders’ comfort to the fullest: with over one hundred updates, the Tiger 1200 is powerful and friendly for the rider. The bike comes equipped with a powerful 1215cc engine that is gives out 141PS and 122Nm of torque. It has been adapted to changes in LED headlights and adaptive cornering, as well as a weight reduction by 10kgs and a reworking of the engine and chassis.

2018 Yamaha Niken

EICMA this year was about availability and how the shape factor of a "cruiser" will

yamaha niken 2018 in expo visitors having a close look at it_800x534.jpg

change to pull in new riders. This is an insightful, feature getting test in such manner. There have been three-wheelers previously, yet particularly for the suburbanite showcase. This appears to be a wholehearted exertion by Yamaha to bring the experience of riding a cruiser quick to a three-wheeler. I'm captivated and bullish on this current model's prosperity. I would already be able to see it decorated with LEDs at Daytona Bike Week and that is something to be thankful for.

KTM’s 790 Adventure

ktm 790 adventure 2018_800x450.jpg

Although it was presented as just a concept instead of a production model, KTM’s 790 Adventure has proven to be the show stealer at Milan this year. It is based on the same foundation as the Duke 790; it sports the 799cc parallel-twin engine, sturdy for all your adventure needs. The bike also comes with a wind deflector, a single seat, LED lights, and a raise front mudguard. The bike comes with a front wheel which is 21 inches in size, and a rear wheel which is 19 inches in size, with knobby spoke wheels adapting your bike for off-roading.

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Triumph Tiger 800

Another popular model from Triumph was the Tiger 800 that received a lot of

triumph tiger 800 2018 close up_800x534.jpg

attention at EICMA. It comes equipped with more than two hundred updates in seven different variants. It offers better traction for off-roading and better steering at lower speeds. It comes with an 800cc motor that has proven to be efficient for all kinds of terrains, as well as a reworking of the ergonomics to make it more comfortable for the rider.

Of course, EICMA 2018 hides even more precious motorcycle gems but this is what we think are the most important.

Any thoughts on the subject? Leave your comments below.

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