5 most popular electric motorcycles you can get today

When it comes to buying an electric motorcycle, power is the major element that one cannot compromise on. A good electric motorcycle is all about the power that it is able to deliver. Gone are the days when the “too loud ad too large” motorcycles were a doubtful element.

Not any more as the industry is filled up with some of the most amazing electric motorcycles. The louder, the better and the stronger are what make the electric motorcycles stand apart and unique.

The market is filled up with amazing electric motorcycles that will make you all chaotic. Which one to pick is a scenario of worry and confusion?! The brands and companies that are bringing out these motorcycles keep on lining up and that makes the confusion even bigger.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we are here to clear your confusion. Come have a ride through this article and get to know about the best and 5 most popular electric motorcycles that you can get today, without any doubts.


1. Lightning Motorcycle's LS 218:

If you want the perfect, need for speed, kind of electric motorcycle then look no

beyond the LS 218. This is the fastest motorcycle that has been produced in the industry till date so you know that you need this one, if speed is what thrills and feeds your soul. It comes packed with an insane output of 200 hp and along with 168 ft.-lbs. This electric bike has already set the world record of 215.907 mph and its average range is 100 miles. The range makes it is a little pricey as it will cost you $38,000. You just need 2 hours to charge it completely and then you can hit the road to fulfill your need of speed.

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2. Brutus V9:

This classical electric motorcycle is the best cruiser that you can buy in the name of the most popular and loved motorcycles. Brutus V9 is an all-rounder as it has stability and is a perfect brawny bike. You would never want to “not” get this bike as it is a stunner in terms of looks and performance both. Brutus V9 has a power speed of 115 mph. It offers a range of 280 miles. The machinery of this wild and mean electric motorcycle is very powerful and it is definitely one of the best ones that you can get today in the market; no second thoughts. It has a power of 125 hp and weighs 784 lbs. This brutally sexy motorcycle is definitely going to cost you a lot too but trust me; this one is worth it. It costs you around $33,000 or a little less than that.

3. Energica Ego:

If you are looking for a lot of speed then Energica Ego is a great choice for you to make and there are no second thoughts on that. This Italian super beauty gives you the best output of around 136 hp with 195 Nm. The maximum speed limit of this beauty is 149 mph and it has a range of 93 miles. It also has a color display which is 4.3 inch and shows the battery. It also offers you Bluetooth connectivity up till 100 meters. This wild beauty costs you $34,000. The new version of this bike has been said to offer a longer range connectivity which will be released soon.

4. Eva:

If you are unable to afford the $34,000 Energica Ego, then there is nothing to

worry about as it comes in another, affordable version too. The Eva is an electric roadster and the major difference between the two is obviously of the power range that they are offering. The output of Eva is that of 90 hp and in comparison to Energica Ego, it is a lot less. But the price is fairly less too as this one costs you $26,000. If you are okay with a lower power range then this one is going to be your best bet for sure. It has a top speed of 124 mph and it charges completely within 3.5 hours.

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5. Johammer:

Johammer is a famous company in Austria and this electric cruiser introduced by them has all eyes. It is so different, stylish and eye catching that nobody can take their eyes off it. With just a single charge, this sleek cruiser is able to drive for 200 kilometers that is 124 miles. The unique look of this motorcycle makes it stand out from any of the one that you can get in the market these days. It also has a 2.4 inch display which in installed in its rearview mirror and it displays speed, warnings and revs. The top speed that it offers is 75 mph and it starts at $27000 almost.


These amazingly beautiful and perfect electric motorcycles are the best bet out there in the market right now. You can grab any of these top 5 electric motorcycles without having a second thought as they have been reviewed positive by the expertise too. So what are you waiting for? Don’t get confused with such a high variety of bikes out there. Pick any of these 5 (keeping your need for speed and obviously your budget in mind) and you are good to go.

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