4 Cool Things About VR & Motorcycles

In fairly short time we’re going to start seeing motorcycling brought to life in virtual reality. This is actually something that’s more or less been done before, in arcades all over the world.

However, in the new age of VR, activities like these are taking on new levels of sophistication, and new purposes. There are in fact already some experiences that help people to simulate the feeling of driving various vehicles, from bicycles to airplanes, in VR. And there are only going to be more in the years to come.

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We, at Siima MotoWear have done our research and we present you with a few cool things about how VR’s progress is going to intersect with motorcycles.

1. We’ll Explore The World

Just this past September, you might have read this site’s coverage of some of the best motorcycle roads in Asia. But imagine if you could ride along them without actually having to travel to Asia to begin with? You can’t, of course, and still get the same physical feeling or cultural experience of the trip.

However, through VR, you may well be able to at least get a general idea of what routes like these and others around the world are like, all without leaving home. We’ve already begun to see VR cycling programs using Google Earth to help people explore the world, and the same thing can be achieved, with relative ease, for motorcycling. The technology is going to allow us to ride around the world.

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2. A Physical Workout

People are working out in virtual reality, and in some cases that means with the assistance of new equipment. There are machines that essentially place you in a VR challenge of some kind and react to your bodily movements such that you’re playing a game or moving along a track, but also exercising.

This can certainly be done with motorcycles as well. While straightforward motorcycling is not always a physical challenge, more aggressive driving certainly can be, and this sort of thing can be done completely safely in VR. Thus, you could enjoy a simulated motorcycle experience and a physical workout at the same time

3. Whole Selections Of Experiences VR won’t necessarily work like traditional video games such that you buy a single experience. Rather it will work more like a mobile app store, or perhaps more appropriately like online games, where you can select one from a variety of experiences.

This is exemplified already by the video-based online titles that so dominate slot gaming these days, some of which are already being redesigned in VR. You wouldn’t, for instance, buy each individual game in this genre, but rather access whole selections of them and pick and choose experiences.

This is how VR figures to work once app and game selections expand, and it should be the same with motorcycling in VR. That is to say, it’s likely you’ll just be able to log into a program and select a route or track from anywhere in the world, rather than having to buy them separately.

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4. Safe Exposure

We mentioned above that more aggressive driving can be done safely in VR. However, there’s also something to be said for safety as regards people trying motorcycles for the first time.

With VR, such people will be able to expose themselves to this activity without the risk, so that they can decide if it’s a fit for them - and, if so, learn the basics in a safe manner. Basically, VR can be a tool for both safe exposure and safe training.

Any thoughts on the subject? Leave your comments below.

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