How Does Motorcycle Dual Clutch Work? (videos)

Like cars, Motorcycles also have Dual Clutches. Do you know what is it and how it works? Do you want to learn about this important part of the motorcycle?

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with some key facts about what the Dual Clutch is and how it works on motorcycles.

What is Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)?

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DCT is like manual gearbox, which is controlled by a slick robotic body. With manual settings, you can tell this gearbox, when you need a fast, slick change. In automatic mode, the bike decides when you want to change the DCT. It is an automated shift operation and clutch system that maintains direct acceleration. DCT in motorcycles allows the riders to keep the focus on braking and to accelerate rather than changing gears. DCT system makes the joy of riding double and controls your machine to an extreme level.

Let’s have a look at its working and understand how DCT can change up and down in manual mode.

Working of DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)

The DCT system comes up with 2 clutches which are stuffed into one shell. One can control the working of gears while the second one does odd functions. Swiping from one clutch to another or changing the gear when it is needed during the drive, an automated DCT system can shift up or down quickly and smoothly. Without a DCT system, it is difficult to change down a gear. Booth clutches of the DCT are arranged concentrically. It means that one clutch is fixed to a place within the circumference of the other clutch. This setting allows both the clutches to easily work on the same shaft. You can handle these clutches with a paddle, shifter or with a separate setting in the gear selecting site.

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The computer will figure out which even number is best to engage in the setting of 2nd clutch with odd numbers. It will make the second clutch ready, and the gear shifts when it is the right time.

Shifting Gear Down

DCT will pull one clutch in and allow the other clutch out. In this way, the lower gear will be selected, and it is ready for change.

Upshifts Gear

The same phenomena go when you want to up-shift the gear. In changing the gear upside, the DCT shifts with incredibly fast speed and maintain the smooth ongoing of the motorcycle.

How do you know which gear connect next?

The ECU system of the motorcycle knows when you are accelerating or when you are deaccelerating. When you are changing the gear or how much time you use the brake. From the estimate of total weight on the engine and the working of other inputs, the ECU system will tell you accurately whether you need higher or lower gear in the next. Most of the riders keep DCT on automatic mode, and they do this for all the good reason because it is super effective.

The working of DCT is not so complicated, and it can make your ride smooth and fast on roads. Here, I want to mention some important advantages & disadvantages of having DCT system in your motorcycle.

Advantages of DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)

In the list of many, I want to mention two main advantages of having a Dual Clutch Transmission system.

1. As compared to manual systems, DCT works more effectively and smoothly. Having a DCT means, you don’t have to waste time for changing the gears, and you don’t have to waste more power for going to the rear wheel. In this way, you can go slightly faster with marginally better fuel economy.

2. The second main benefit of having a DCT is that no matter if a rider is on manual mode. The riders don't have to worry about the changing of gear because there is no clutch to handle. Furthermore, a rider can also put DCT on automatic mode. In this mode, all the duties of changing gear are done automatically, and rider can fully focus on his riding.

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No doubt, the DCT system has made it easy for riders to roar their bikes on roads, but there is still some advantages of DCT that all the riders should know such as

1. The cost of the DCT system can normally go around 1000, and its net weight is 10 kg. It means the weight on the engine will increase, and it requires more energy to balance the motorcycle.

2. Plus, there are some extra chances of complications and things can go wrong potentially.

As a rider, it is necessary to know how DCT works and how it can affect the riding speed. The functioning of the Dual Clutch Transmission system sounds easy. With all the mention advantages and disadvantages, it is all up to you whether you want to use it or not.

Any thoughts on how dual clutch transmission works? Leave your comments below.

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