How to Fix a Flat Motorcycle Tire

For many individuals out there, the best way to travel around is a motorcycle. It is easy for a single person to travel and see an area on a motorcycle rather than traveling on a car or any other vehicle. However; the worst experience that a motorcyclist can face is a flat tire. Things can get very problematic if you have a flat tire when you are in the middle of literally nowhere. In that situation, you can’t wait for help to arrive or can’t even drag your motorcycle if you a frequent long-distance traveler on the bike. The best solution in this scenario is to learn how you can fix the flat tire on your own. We, at Siima MotoWear have worked things out and we present you with two easy methods to fix your motorcycle tires wherever you will.

How to know if your tire is punctured?

The most important thing that you need to learn is how you can identify that your tire is fixed. The worst of all the scenarios can be that you are not aware of your tire’s condition. So, if you are riding a motorcycle and you realize that your grip on the bike is not firm enough or your bike has started to shake a little bit, it is undoubtedly due to a flat tire.

Your tire can be punctured due to any unwanted material on the road, and you may not realize it. So, after you have found that your tire is flat in the middle of nowhere, now you need to learn about changing fixing the identified problem.

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Before I explain the procedure of fixing the flat tire, I need to add a point here. Even if you are a cautious driver, you will get a flat tire once during a road trip. So, it is recommended that you keep the required tools, in case you have to change or fix a tire.

One question which will be rising in your mind at the moment is that should I continue riding the motorcycle after it has a flat tire. Please do remember, you should not ride the bike after its tire has punctured.

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You need to gently slow down the speed of the bike without quickly changing the bike’s direction. Don’t apply the break suddenly, and it can cause your bike to lose its balance. After you have decreased the speed of your motorcycle and changed its direction slowly to the side of the road, then you need to stop the bike, again gently, at the bottom of the road.

How to fix the tire?

Now the critical part of our conversation should be answered. To fix the flat tire, you need to know if you are using a tube tire or a non-tube tire because the procedure of fixing both of the tires is different.

Fixing a non-tube tire.

I have personally observed that fixing a non-tube tire is easier than fixing a tube tire. With that being said, the first thing you need to do is to check if your non-tube tire still has any object pierced into its rubber. If you have any object in the rubber, you need to remove that object with the help of a plier that should be in your tool kit.

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I need you to note that while removing the object from the rubber, you need to make sure that you are removing it in the same direction that it entered so you don’t open the hole too much to cause further problems.

Now, you need to install the plug. There are two types of plugs in every kit, and the process of installing both is different from each other. So, you need to make sure that you take a good look at your plug. It can be either a long strip type plug or a mushroom style plug.

The strip type plug comes with an insertion tool with itself. So, now you need to double up the plug and place it halfway in the tool. Now you need to insert the plugin such way that only half inches are sticking out. Now, you will be able to the excessive plug material with the help of cutting equipment.

In case you have a mushroom style plug, you will need to take help from a special installation tool. This plug can be seated by twisting in the tool with the help of Allen wrench. After you follow the instructions, you need to stretch the plug with the help of a plier.

After it has stretched, you can trim this with the tire. Now you need to have inflated the tire and, in the end, if possible, do spray some soapy water on the tire. Bubbles will be made if it has any other puncture.

Fixing a tube tire

Fixing the tube tire is a little different, and you need to have extra tools with yourself while you are travelling. First, you need to remove the wheel of your motorcycle so you can take out the tube.

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You can follow the instruction manual of your motorcycle to remove the wheel. Now, as you have removed the wheel and the tube, you need to deflate the tire, so it has no air in itself. Now, you need to find the punctured spot; if you can see it with the naked eye, you can take help of air in the tube or can use water that will create bubbles in the punctured spot.

Afterwards, take out a scrubber from your tool kit to soften up the area and then apply the patch with the help of glue on the affected area. Now, put your tube back in the wheel, but do make sure that you have removed the object out of your tire. After you have the tube inserted in the wheel, inflate it properly, and your tire is fixed.

Want to learn more on how to fix your punctured tire? We have found a nice video that will teach you how to do just that:

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