9 Most Important Things We Have Learned from Our Adventures

Motorcycles are not just a means of getting from point A to point B. They are your companions through your journey. They may just be the most important part of your trip. They become the machines you rely on when the going gets tough. They inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and just ride across the known and the unknown. There is so much more to experience on a journey taken on your steel steed than there is through anything else. Motorcycle adventures have inspired many a book and taught riders things about themselves, the countryside, and the world entire.

Let us take a look at the nine most important things that motorcyclists have learned through their adventures on a bike.

1. Prevention is better than Cure

You may not know it when you start out, but you always want to be a cautious

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adventurer. People often believe in the invulnerability factor – the optimism that the bad things that usually happen to people will not happen to them. This automatically increases the likelihood of break downs of your vehicle by the side of the road when you cross unchartered territory just because you dared to get a few extra thousands of miles when you know your battery or tires area already run down.

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2. Prepare Yourself with Extras

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Remember, a journey that is daunting requires equipment that can handle the intimidation brought to you by your trip. Not only does it save you from a case of false economy, but you also do not have to deal with the constant anxious estimations of how far your bike will take you with the weak link you are harbouring.

3. Go Off-Road, Plans-wise

While we definitely recommend planning your trip in terms of precautionary

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measures, do not be a stickler for your plans. Having a fall back plan for things does not mean that you do not get to explore, or do not explore of your own accord. Even if you have everything researched down to the last dot, do not abstain from asking a local about the must-see sites or the best place to eat when you reach a foreign town. Sometimes, you may even ask a local for a route you have already figured out, and come to find yourself discovering something new altogether. Take the leap and follow someone’s advice, do not make hotel reservations in advance for once, try to let yourself be as free as the bike you are on.

4. Take Pictures

a person standing in the lake taking photos

Stop and take in whatever you are experiencing. It is a never a bad idea to wait, stop the endless race to reach your destination, and breathe in whatever view you are in front of. Embrace every part of the journey and take pictures to make sure you have a memento for every moment. You may be inclined to postpone the picture taking, awaiting a more perfect moment, thinking there will be better things to make a stop for. You need to remember that every moment is as special as you make it.

5. Less is More

Planning your trip gets confusing in this split between precautions and going with

a motorcycle packed with stuff rides in between forests

the flow. The trick, as with everything, is finding the perfect balance. Make sure you pack enough that you carry the essentials, but remember to stop there. Pack light to make room for flexibility, to travel unburdened. When you carry precious items, you are more concerned with saving them than the journey itself. Do not be afraid to do a little extra laundry on the road, carry the essentials, and live your journey to the fullest, without the burden of luggage.

6. The More the Merrier

I know you may not think of the road as a place for a third member after your

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