Market's Top 3 Adventure Helmets (2020-Videos)

Getting yourself ready for an adventurous motorcycle trip requires a lot of checklists. Making sure of every essential thing always makes it easy for you to enjoy the journey. As an adventurous rider, you need to keep all of the stuff from a quality manufacturer. Because adventure comes with hard experiences, which makes its experience worthy for you.

When you are selecting the best ride for your adventure trip, don’t skip selecting the best adventurous helmet as well. Buying a helmet for yourself requires a lot of investment when it refers to adventures. However, it would help if you always came up with the one that can enable a smooth and protective experience for days.

Due to that, we are talking about some top adventurous helmets in the below section. So without any further delay, let’s have a look at the market's best three motorcycle adventure helmets.

Arai XD4 Helmet

If we talk about the adventurous helmet, you can consider your priority for Arai XD4. The amazing helmet comes with Faceshield, which helps you to track the roads and surroundings from inside. The fantastic thing about its face shield is the brow vents, which allow the air to circulate on your forehead. Because of that, you will never experience fogging on the face shield. You will also get a complete ventilation process inside the helmet.

For heat and moisture, it does contain a dry cooling system. The feature allows you to ride for a long time without any need to face ventilation system issues. The weight of this helmet is also reduced compared to the competitor’s helmet because of the fiber laminate usage.

The lid of the helmet comes with three different iterations. All three of them are clear face shield removed, peak visor removed, peak visor and clear face shield removed. Moreover, it does contain nineteen different color variants.

The price tag ranges from $600 – $730; however, the prices are justifiable due to the sophisticated features and hand-built creation process.

Klim Krios Karbon

If we talk about the Helmet masters of the Urban ride and ADV helmets, there is no other manufacturer except Krios. The comfort and diversity level of their helmets are phenomenal in the current market.

If we talk about the design, so their helmets offer aerodynamics in it. The feature allows you not to feel loud noise when riding for an adventurous trip. It’s their main feature that makes it superior as compared to other competitors.

If we talk about its’ weight, so it only contains 3.3 pounds. It means you can consider it as the lightest helmet available in the market. Despite its lightweight, the helmet will allow you integrity and thickness in its uniform shell, which makes it protective for the entire trip.

The helmet is categorized into different sizes ranges from small-3XL. It means, various head sizes riders can easily use it without any fitting issue. Apart from that, it also comes in two different colors, including Stealth matte black and Matte White.

You can wear it for as long as you can without getting the hot spots issues on your forehead. The Klimatech cotton feature in this helmet has an advanced smart foam technology, which makes the helmet fast wicking and anti-bacterial. Whether you are riding 100 or 1000 miles, you will always get smell fresh and comfortable experience with it. Last but not least, the price tag of this helmet starts from $500.

Scorpion EXO AT950

The Scorpion EXO AT950 is a full-stack solution for the bike riders who are considering an affordable and multi-purpose helmet for themselves. Before coming to any other point, let’s start discussing it’s significant specifications.

The first thing that comes with this helmet is the security. It does contain DOT certification from the US. You will get a broad shield for a perfect peripheral vision. Moreover, it also includes an ever-solid coating that makes it anti-fog to help you visualize anything in front of you.

The second fantastic thing about this helmet is the perfect noise reduction feature. IT allows you to ride a long way without any hurdle of noise irritation. But you don’t have to expect more from these helmets about noise reduction as there are many other factors apply to keep the helmet quiet. However, considering a regular earplug for this helmet will let your helmet to get quiet.


Ventilation is another factor that makes this helmet superior. You have to ride for a long time, so the helmet must contain perfect ventilation. That’s where this helmet is beneficial for your needs. After riding for hours in a hot and humid area, you will always feel dryness inside the helmet.

The chin guard is the essential feature for any adventurous helmet. It offers a perfect protection solution to keep you safe from significant accidents. Luckily, all of the factors considered for its test make sure it’s outstanding protection for chin guard.

There are so many motorcycle adventure helmets out there. Have you used one that's not on the list want to share your views? Leave your comments below.