Most Popular Motorcycle Categories

Motorcycles have made their way from basic structure and design during the early 1900s to today’s abundant variety of motorcycle types that are available. The earlier version of motorcycles are the motorized version of bicycles with the motor somehow attached to the bicycle’s wheel. Nowadays, motorcycles are classified by their type, designs and purpose. They could very well be categorized under six main types. These are the cruiser, touring, sport, dual purpose, dirt bike and scooter.

We at Siima MotoWear have done our research and came up with a few motorcycle categories for your eyes only:


Cruisers or chopper bikes are included as a nice category especially after American machines from 1930s cruisers were styled and refined to create today’s cruise motorbikes. Their riding position actually places you a forward in these bikes and the hands are up relatively a bit higher than other motorcycles, and the spine is slightly leaning back. Cruisers provide comfortable rides at moderate speed. Chopper is known as the subcategory of cruisers.

cuise bikes or chopper bikes parked

Sport Bikes

Sport bikes have seen a spike in their development from the late 1980s until today. These bikes are characterized by speed, acceleration, breaking and their agility in paved roads. Good performance engines inside a lightweight frame is usually the way sport bikes are manufactured.

a speeding sport super bike

Touring Motorcycles

motorbike riders jacket

As the name suggests, touring motorcycles are meant for covering long-distances. Touring motorcycles are characterized by rigid engines that can go for thousands of miles, front screens for air protection and, large fuel tanks, radial wheels that can travel on and off road and comfortable straight seat position for the rider.

touring motorcycle with two riders taking a curve

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bike comes in when we seek to find excitement and fulfillment when riding out in the wild. They are very light weight bikes that have good high rpm engines with great acceleration and torque. Compared to other bikes the frames of dirt bikes are more flexible. These bikes are used for racing over rough and muddy terrain or performing death defying jumps.

dirt bike taking a curve

Dual Purpose Motorcycles

Dual-purpose bikes are machines that are recommended for paved roads but at times they can be driven off-road. This bikes have similar chassis of a dirt bike but with added lights and instruments which allow them to enter public roads and be street legal. Enduro is a sub category of dual sport motorcycles.

KLR 650 dual sport motorcycle


Scooters is a relatively new category in the world of motorcycle types. They have been around for just over fifty years now, but they quickly became popular because they have proven to be convenient and cheap especially in urban environments. Starting from the retro styled to the modern ones with sharp and cool graphics and edges, there are the various scooters in contemporary days. They are usually characterized by small engine capacities making them ideal for daily commune and urban travelling.

parked red and blue scooters

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