Taking Proper Motorcycle Jacket Measurements

Purchasing a new motorcycle jacket can regarded as a very exciting experience, but it can also be a terrible choice if you don't get the size right. You will have to ship the jacket back to the store on your own expenses and then wait more time. And nobody likes waiting, especially when you are looking forward to wear your new gear when season starts.

siima sv3 leo size chart

We, at Siima MotoWear know very well the subject and that's why we decided to help you make the best choice when choose the size for your motorcycle jacket. By following these simple guidelines you will find the perfect size for the motorcycle jacket you always wanted:

You perhaps have to pay return shipping in order to send the original jacket back. Plus, you might have to pay additional shipping to develop the new jacket sent for you. All of this hassle can be avoided by using the steps necessary to guarantee that you get the right jacket the first time you perform.

If to become alarmed someone who can take the measurements for you, you'll need might be interested in a local dress, suit, or tux shop as a way to have a wedding planner do it for for you. Most of the time they will be going to willing to get for entirely.

Using a soft or cloth measuring tape, take the next measurements:

1. Measure from the rear of the neck at the beds base over the shoulder down the side with the arm for the middle element of the back of one's hand. Place even consider measuring in order to the knuckles if a person are you may want more length in the arm.

2. When measuring leave some space around 1-2cm on sleeve and chest measurements. You always want the jacket to be a little bit loose on you, but not too loose.

3. Measure from shoulder edge to shoulder edge, crossing this base with the neck instead straight across the back.

siima mountain view touring jacket size chart

4. Measure entirely around the body for your chest, and after which measure around your body at your waist. For more accurate sizing measure the girth between your chest and waist.

5. Have someone to measure you from the back of your neck up to your waist. That should be the longest measurement.

Important tips:

1. Make sure that you follow the brand's guidelines on sizing.

2. Size measurements change not only from brand to brand but also from model to model. So always make sure that you are on the right size.

3. Take the initiative and contact the store to send you additional measurements if you really want to. Stores want to sell and if sending more measurements sells, then they will quickly do it.

4. When you take the proper size measurements, do it correctly and simple. Like this you can avoid timely delays and further charges before finally receiving the right motorcycle jacket.

5. If you think that the size chart on the website doesn't have all the measurements, contact the store to send you the measurements you want. In other words, feel free to add your own easurements.

siima sibirsky super adv size chart

5. Don't be affraid to shop your jacket online. Companies have design their online stores to help you get the best jacket without delays.

When you get all measurements you want, you should have enough to give you the most accurate result when you're choosing the best motorcycle size jacket. You are now ready to safely proceed to checkout, get your jacket and enjoy amazing rides with it.

Check out Siima MotoWear size charts for our Sibirsky Super Adventure , SV3 Leo sport touring and Mountain View Touring jackets.

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