RTW Trip? Here's The Essentials

R-T-W. Three letters that can exactly change your life if you have been excited for some adventure and planning some of it. It’s the buzzword acronym for travel.

RTW stands for Round the World.

We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with essential information that you need to know before embarking on such a trip.

The primary thing a novice rider should keep in mind when planning for a Round the world trip is that he must always get himself/herself aware of the general benefits and knowing how to deal with adversities while riding. One should always equip oneself with basic information to avoid fear while traveling. You will have to keep in mind that you are going to have fun and adventure for coming couple of months. Do not consider it as a target to achieve as soon as possible. Relax and have patience.

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Firstly, one should be well-organized on spending their money during the trip. Obviously, we can find such people all over the world, including your hometown, who are always trying to make you and your crash part ways. It is a general observation that people usually end up spending more money than they should have while on an excursion. You cannot eradicate this possibility but you can always try to mitigate the chances of it. If you do not keep yourself educated on spending money, the chances are that you will be out of cash very soon. Want to know the reason?

Well, the top reason is lack of awareness. You’d better get yourself expert with expenses of most of the items and get known with the currency dynamics you are using, otherwise you shall commit mistakes you should not commit. For instance, you should know the cost of a general meal from any ordinary shop, the fare of a taxi ride, rate of fruits, the expense of a hotel room, or any necessary beverage you would want to drink every now and then. You should never spend more than a day’s worth from your cash resource.

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While you are purchasing anything from anywhere and you don’t know the actual price of that, you must always ask someone standing near you first and then go for buying that item. Knowing well about the ways of bargaining will always help you. In some cases, it can even be your friends. If you are confident and are sufficiently funny, you can do wonders as well. But what’s most important is that you remember that price of the product you just encountered.

Deciding the motorcycle, you are going on is the most important thing when planning an RTW trip. Deciding upon the motorcycle you are going to use in your RTW trip going to be the basic task. There are some key factors you need to keep in mind before selecting your desired vehicle for the trip. A good vehicle will make sure that your trip is harmless and safe.

three riders in the jungles with their motorbikes

For this purpose, the best choice to go with will be the bike which is easy to handle and maintain. Don’t forget that it must be also off-road focused. The easy and simple bike would allow you to fix the problems by yourself instead of fining a mechanic. It could save you a couple of dollars. You will need a bike with a decent amount of ground clearance. Do select a bike with 50/50 sports tires installed in it that will allow you to go off track in mountain areas.

Petrol Power: The fuel capacity of your bike is very important on every level. It should be double than an ordinary bike. For a long trip with vast miles to cover, you should have a big tank for fuel storage which can benefit you in long routes. It can eliminate the fear of getting out of gas and getting stuck.

Defense: having a bike which can guarantee you the safety required for this kind of ride is essential. The bike should have an aluminum skid-plate, hand guards which will protect your hands from mud and other external particles, a headlight guard which will make sure that if your bike hits into something it doesn’t cracks your light. You can buy all these components from different companies.

Baggage: last but not the least you will need to make sure that you carry your luggage efficiently. Having a correct luggage is critical to this kind of trip. Luggage should be light in weight to a maximum extent and small in size.

rider standing on the motorbike on a trail while watching the fall colors

The Riding Gear: riding gear should be easy to carry and comfortable. It should be waterproof, fire proof, and mud proof. Make sure that you have the right pair of gloves you are going to use for this trip. Make sure that the ankle of boots is solid and durable sole. You may face snow, mud and many other pathetic conditions on roads so you need to be proactive in this regard.

If your riding gear is not suitable to all these conditions than it is expected that you will face terrible consequences.

The Camping: camp is the only place where you can relax, so make sure that you have the best camp with you. The quality of camp cloth should be water and mud resistant. It should have a sleeping bag inside it and enough space where you can lay down and relax. A lot of people would say that tent is an unnecessary thing but don’t listen to them at all.

You will need food all the way your trip. Make sure you have the best cook stove which can run on batteries. You won’t find electricity everywhere. You can have a stove which can run on batteries, which can allow you to cook food of your choice at any time.

Be efficient in utilizing your money. First of all become familiarize with different currencies. You will face circumstances where people will try to take advantage of the fact that you are uninformed of the currency differences. Try not to spend without proper awareness. Yes, you cannot come away from travelling without ever getting stuck paying more than mandatory but try to make it a rare happening. Know the price of common item of every country and different services. For instance fruit, vegetables, a bottle of bear and a cheap hotel.

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