7 Essential Motorcycle Adventure Accessories

There are few souls found on the face of planet earth who love to risk their lives by travelling powerful and high-tech machines on dangerous tracks. They are known as motorcyclists. Every motorcyclist loves to travel on breathtaking roads, tracks and mountains.

However; every adventure comes with a risk. I read the news about motorcycle accidents daily. Sometimes, these accidents can be caused due to the negligence of other vehicle drivers on the same road and sometimes the negligence of motorcyclist causes them.

One thing that we certainly can do is reduce the injuries caused by accident to the minimum level. There are many accessories which are considered to be essential while travelling on a motorcycle.We, at Siima MotoWear have done some research and we present you with a few of those accessories in the following piece of study.

1. Riding Apparel

You may have thought that your bike will be enough when you are cruising through the difficult tracks. However; I need to mention here that your body will do most of the work which will be done in your journey. So it should be ensured that have the correct riding apparel before going for an adventure.

Riding apparel includes most importantly, a wind resistant body suit. You can’t risk your health when you are riding your motorbike through windy areas. Another vital part of your apparel should be knee pads. You’ll have to use proper knee pads so you can avoid massive injury to your knees in case of any potential accident or diss-balance of the motorbike.

Riding apparel also includes gloves. Gloves are the most crucial part of a motorcyclist’s equipment. You need to understand that without gloves, due to the motorcycle’s speed, your hands won’t get a response after a few minutes of travelling. There is a different type of gloves available in the market. You need to select a water resistant, wind resistant glove for your apparel.

You need to take special care of ankle and feet while riding a motorcycle as this body part needs to be responsive at every moment to travel safely. You will need special motorcycle boots with water resistant, wind resistant quality.

2. Helmet

motorcycle adventure helmet on the bike seat with bluetooth_800x527.jpg

I need to add a point here. You should never leave your home for travelling on your motorcycle without a helmet. Your head and skull need to be protected at every moment. As a motorcyclist, you will be going through the different type of weather conditions. So, your helmet will not only protect your head and skull from injuries, but it will also save you from changing weather conditions.

3. Bike Gear

motorcycle toolkit fixing engine srews_800x533

After you have collected all the essentials of your riding apparel, you need to understand that a motorcycle should be and can be adjusted as per your trip and travel requirements. You may have heard about different essentials of motorcycle gear, or you may have seen/read them on the internet.

However; I need to mention here that every tool of motorcycle gear can’t adjust as per your motorcycle. So, you have to check the market to re-adjust the bike so you can carry some of the stuff that you will be needing. I’ll be mentioning a few of them here as well to give an idea.

4. USB Charging Port

motorbike usb port and power_800x534

We all have phones these days, and we love to stay connected with our family and friends through those phones at all the time. You would undoubtedly want your family to be aware of your location or wellbeing while you are on a motorcycle tour and you can’t allow your phone’s charge to be minimal. To avoid the situation, you can have a USB Charging port on your motorcycle.

Many companies these days have invented USB charging port for the bike which usually operates on a 12V battery. These USB charging ports can be connected simply by a wire to your motorbike battery and can be fixed on the handle of the motorcycle or in any other part you as per your requirement.

5. Gas Bag

gas tanks on a motorcycle_800x534

You can’t plan your motorcycle journey if you don’t have fuel back up with yourself. It can be challenging if you only trust on roadside gas stations which can’t be available sometimes if you are in a jungle or mountainous area.

So, you need to have a backup for your motorcycle fuel. For this purpose, you’ll need a gas bag. This gasbag is made up of multiple layers of nylon that makes it very safe for carrying around. You can fill your required fuel in the bag and move around while travelling on your motorcycle.

6. Communication System

rider wearing motoryccle helmet with integrated bluetoothh system_800x534

You will need a way of communication through which not only you can connect with your family but also can keep an eye on important news. Different companies have come up with a communication system for motorcyclists.

This communication system includes a camera and intercom connected with your smartphone, so not only you can take pictures of your journey but also can keep yourself connected to the world. Every communication system has its different tools, so I recommend that you keep a check on the market for the best one for your requirement.

7. Luggage system

enduro motorcycle on a mountain road with luggage system in place_800x532

You cannot tie all of your luggage on your motorcycle. That will make it very difficult for you to travel along. Luggage system is found in the market, which generally comes with up dry bags connected with a light metallic structure that you can quickly fix on your motorcycle. This procedure will not only help you in riding your bike smoothly, but you can also carry your luggage without putting your motorcycle in any hassle.

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