Siima Sibirsky Gloves. We are getting there!

Hello there!

This won't take long.

Just letting you folks know that a new prototype is on the way.

Siima Sibirsky Adventure Gloves have undergone several changes and modifications since the previous prototype.

Let's dive in and see what's really going on here:

sample views of different changes of siima sibirsky adventure gloves

A new layer has been added to the short version of the gloves. This lycra under zipper layer gives a more refined look while at the same time it hugs the wrist giving a better fit around it.

prototype changes of the siima sibirsky adv gloves

The rain overgloves layer has been structured in such a way so that it is easily attached on top of the gloves.

There are some issues with the elastic band as seen in the image but the final version will look much better. I am working on it.

Furthermore, the aim of the rain overgloves is to cover the whole gloves, not just the short version. Necessary changes will take place here as well to ensure the best fit.

the wrist and rain overgloves structure of siima sibirsky adventure gloves

Finally, a look at the rain over gloves with the reflective stripe. Lycra material at the left image will be replaced and/or re-enforced in order to ensure max longevity.

Last thoughts.

I am really excited about this product.

I believe this design is something unique and many riders will find it very useful.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Ride safe!

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