Siima SV3 Leo is here! (Video)

Dear Motorcycle lover,

Siima MotoWear, Cyprus is an organization that specializes in motorcycle gear.

We would like to introduce our new jacket, Siima SV3 Leo.

Siima SV3 Leo is designed and built with the best quality materials of the market, ready to meet the needs of both experienced and novice motorcycle riders.

The philosophy of Siima SV3 Leo design consists of multi-layered security and multileveled comfort.

While designing Siima SV3 Leo we took into account the following steps:

1) Accident prevention. We consider the prevention of an accident to be equally important as the protection during an accident. That’s why we added a removable HI-VIZ layer that increases the conspicuity of the motorcycle and the rider, hence radically reducing the likelihood of an accident occurring in the first place. According to studies, riders’ safety significantly increases with a HI-VIZ layer in combination with headlamps-on in daylight. To further reduce the likelihood of an accident, the addition of Night Reflective material at strategic positions (and on the HI-VIZ layer) on Siima SV3 Leo enhances the utmost safety of the rider.

2) Protection. Siima SV3 Leo comes with quality protectors on the elbows, shoulders and back to provide the ultimate protection in case of an accident. The protectors are CE Approved and meet the safety European Union standards EN1621-1 and EN1621-2.

3) Style. Siima SV3 Leo is designed in such a way as to cover the existing gap between elegance and safety. Siima SV3 Leo overlaps the gap by offering elegant design without making any compromises on the safety of the rider. On the contrary, it increases it.

4) Comfort. SiimaSV3 Leo offers the comfort you need in either rain or cold or heat conditions. With the removable Reissa Waterproof Lining, Siima SV3 Leo is 100% waterproof. At the same time the Removable Thermal Lining protects the rider from cold. Finally, Siima SV3 Leo keeps you cool with adjustable front and back vents. Siima SV3 Leo is tested in temperatures from -5 to 35 Degrees Celsius (air temperature as described by meteorological institutes. Have in mind that while riding, temperatures tent to get lower up approximately 30 degrees Celsius and higher more than 30) with excellent results and feedback from the riders.

In total, Siima SV3 Leo consists of four layers that contribute to the absolute safety and comfort while at the same time they meet the needs of both novice and experienced riders. Siima SV3 Leo is a jacket for every rider.

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