The Best 7 Motorcycle Aadventure Trails In Europe (Videos)

Sunny days are all about bike rides. As there is a saying that car rides are like a movie while a motorcycle ride means being in one. Well, you cannot compare a bike ride with a car. Surely, riding a bike has its thrill and adventure. But when it comes to bike riding, you definitely have to take yourself on some adventure based destinations to make the whole bike ride extra special for yourself. Clearly, it gives off cool vibes like you are flying in the atmosphere.

Well, a great motorcycle trail should have all the best views with the change of atmosphere. The main question is where to find such trails? We at Siima MotoWear have created a list of the internet's best videos of the most adventurous roads in Europe.


The road is 11 km long. It is called the cat and fiddle due to the cat and fiddle inn house there. Certainly, it is an amazing road with all the best views. On this road, you get across with district national park, Cheshire plains, and it has scary turns. However, you must know that it is labelled as one of the most dangerous roads in England.

Even, the government has set a 50-mph speed limit. Nevertheless, once you ride there, you will know the worth and popularity of this road. Scary corners and tight roads make the ride thriller and adventurous. Also, you get clear visibility of the corners ahead. In the end, the cat and fiddle pub is full of many bikers enjoying and resting.


The route was also filmed in a famous movie by James Bond. Even, a curve on the is named as "James Bond Strasse". Also, few people say that the road resembles Eastern Anatolia. Well, this road is made for biker boys. Moreover, the dangerous curves and turns make it more thrilling.

Definitely, you would want to ride here again and again. Additionally, since the tunnel is made to shorten the distance, locals use that route. Leaving the whole road to the bikers. In the winter seasons, there is some ice on the road, making it slippery and more dangerous. And you get enough space to throttle the bike and enjoy the views. Although, control your speed as there is no chance of survival if you go off the cliff. Well, the privacy for bikers plus the atmosphere is the main reason many people go there.


This 130-mile road has a lot of ups and downs. Additionally, you get to enjoy the change of climates to different cultural views. Even, feel the volcanic heat of Cabo de Gata and the field of Almeria. Moreover, enjoy the cool fresh air of Las Alpujarras.

There you see amazing and beautiful canyon road. Also, Almeria is very famous for its delicious dishes. You can make a stop to taste these. While riding, you get to see Almeria's monument and incredible views of the port. Lastly, the best part is the national park of Cabo de Gata.


It is a long route, takes about a few days to cover it all. However, you get to visit almost all kinds of sites from oceans to drylands and green forests to the sunny road. The views on this road are majestic. Also, the motorcycle ride is adventurous. Even, on sunny days the weather sometimes gets cold. No doubt, the trip is worth it all.

The feeling of flying and the sense of amazement is the best here; you will never get such feelings on any road trip. The challenging road with its changes attracts bikers. Although considering the weather conditions and everything, the best time to visit this road is from June to August.


The trail was constructed in the 1970s. Truly, you get the best views while riding on this trail as it passes the high mountains of Romania for 35 km. However, it is suggested to visit in the summertime.

Due to the severity of the climate, it is close in winters. Simply, it starts from Transylvania; there is the plain road. Furthermore, you get amazing landscapes from riding through the Rocky Mountains and roads to snowy mountain tops. This paved road crosses the south of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. It was a military route. Consequently, it attracts many tourists and bikers for historical importance. The best part, the greenery of the mountain and jaw-dropping views with dangerous bends. Indeed, it is one of the best motorcycle trails in Europe.


On the eastern side of the coastal road; at the Georgian border, you will see everyone wearing striped shawls of different colours. Furthermore, you get to see a whole different culture there. For sure, you have never seen these views and cultural values anywhere in entire Europe. Firstly, at the start, you get a feel of cool and damp air.

Moreover, passing through the town of Artvin. Then after a dusty road, there is more greenery and fresh air in the end. Also, the trail is only 300kms long, but you will feel like passing through a long route. Consequently, you will never forget the views and differences of culture on this route.


This motorcycle trail is only 400kms long. Anyway, it has a very tough road. To reach safely, you should take a heavy bike to cover the distance easily. The flowers on the mountain get colourful like a rainbow in autumn.

Plus, you get to enjoy the landscape of the national park. Also, keep in mind that you will not find many people on the route. So, make sure that you are fully loaded with fuel and water. You pass the mountains, fields, and villages reaching Bosnia in the end. Truly, worth the time and money.


Well, with the help of the above information, decide which route is the best for you. For me, all the destinations are worth to travel once. But I am surely going to leave the final decision on the readers. While choosing a destination, do consider other necessities as well while you are on trip. These are the seven best motorcycle trails in Europe with each one having its thrill and adventure.

Any recommendations on the best motorcycle adventure trails in Europe? Leave your comments below.

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