3 Great reasons to ride in Cuba

Cuba, which is a Caribbean Island not only popular for the communist regime, also for its music, beaches, and beautiful landscapes. Discover Cuban secrets on your motorbike ride, starting from Vinales, which is famous for its beautiful limestone rocks and landscapes, then move toward Varadero for its magnificent beaches, and see the vintage cars back from the 1950s. Cuba offers so much to its tourists, but there is something more for motorcycle riders.

Having your own bike means, you can explore Cuba more than others can. Riding on a motorbike, you can reach to the further corners and delightful islands of Cuba, which is not possible while riding on any car and bus.

We at Siima MotoWear know that you would love to ride in Cuba and we present you with 3 Great reasons why you should ride in Cuba and why Cuba is the most suitable country for touring on a bike.

1. Beautiful landscapes and Beaches

Road to Guantanamo, eastern Cuba

A short ride of 2 hours from Havana Airport to Varadero, which is a lovely and the best beach town in Cuba. You would love to ride your bike upon the magnificent white sand beaches, which stretch about 22 km! The pineapple drinks, blue water that shines like crystal and pearls, and the beautiful tall palm trees would leave you breathless behind.

There are a total of 300 beaches. Each beach offers white sand lapped with turquoise water making it picture-perfect site for the coming tourists. If you are deciding to ride on any of these beaches, then do not forget Playa Los Flamencos, Playa Ancon, and Cayo Guillermo on your list.

Although the cities and beaches of Cuba steal the spotlight, the islands of Cuba are packed with natural landscapes that would leave you breathless. The Sierra Maestra Mountains in the southeast is known as the home of beautiful waterfalls, a wide range of fauna and flora, and the hidden caves. For those who love hiking, can go to Pico Tuquino, which is the highest peak in Cuba. Explore the working farms and countryside surroundings upon your bike.

2. A living museum of Vintage Cars and Colorful Architecture

Colorfulamerican vintage cars parked before the Capitolio in Havana City, Cuba

Riding in Havana and Cuba, one of the best things to do here is to ride on beautiful vintage cars. You will never find another country like Cuba, with so many vintage American cars. The vintage cars are the pride of their owners who keep them rolling without having access to their spare parts which are original.

Take a ride upon your favourite vintage car models and ask the drivers to tell you tricks in keeping these cars rock without getting access to the original parts. You would get access to all kinds of models, whether it is colourful Chevrolets or Fords. You would never see such type of vintage car living museum anywhere else. Also, before you take a ride on your favourite vintage model, negotiate the fares.

With influences from Art Deco and French neoclassical to colonial baroque and Spanish Moorish, the architecture of Cuba never fails to leave its visitors speechless and surprised. Whether it is Trinidad’ cobbled streets or UNESCO listed Havana, you would not be able to stop yourself from taking more than a few photos of this beautiful colourful architecture. If you are visiting Havana, do not forget to see the buildings like Catedral de la Habana and other architectural gems around the city. Each colonial building of Havana has its own beauty that adds to the enchanting and aesthetic appeal to this city.

3. Music/dance and Cigars

Colorful band of musicians and dancers on stilts on a narrow Old Havana street

Life of Cuban people moves with the beat. Whether it is in any bar, or musicians playing the guitar in the Cuban streets, music seems to flow from one corner of Cuba to the other. Restaurants and hotels offer live music performance of some of the talented musicians in the town. Music schools have about this country.

The Latin and the Caribbean music will surely move you on the dance floor. Rhythm fuels up Cubans’ love for dance. You will see Cuban people performing a dance in the streets. The most popular dances that Cuban people perform it like a traditional dance is congas, guaguanco, and rumba.

Visiting Cuba and not having cigars seems impossible, right? Cuban has one of the best cigars all around the world. Do not miss out your chance on deciding which cigars are best for you. You can make a trip from Havana to Vinnales to roam around farms of organic tobacco or visit Partagas Factory of Cigar for a tour guide.

You can also buy these cigars directly from factories at a discounted price. Here tobacco farmers are very gentle; you can also learn from them how to roll cigars with your hand. The cigar rollers in Cuba are one of the best rollers in the world. Also, if you want to have a luxurious and branded cigar, then you can visit stores where they roll cigars with hands.

Have you ridden or are you planning to ride in Cuba? What are your thoughts?

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