Top 5 Motorcycles Under 400cc (2020)

If we talk about adventurous bikes, it’s well-known as the SUVs of the current motorcycle world. As per the mood of the rider, it’s designed to fulfill every type of customer's needs. You can expect anything to do on these motorcycles without any hesitation.

There are however many other bikes in the market. Trends shift towards smaller more practical bikes that can do do many things. Something like a Swiss army knives. Now you might ask yourself, why trends show that small capacity bikes are picking up?

Well one of the reasons being the massive efforts from motorcycle manufacturers to attract new riders/clients in a relatively old audience industry and revert somehow the sales downturn that's currently many motorcycle brands are facing. Efforts begun since the early 2000s and until today motorcycle manufacturers are struggling to attract new audience.

A 300cc motorcycle with so many extras was a dream back in the day. Today new as well as old riders have the luxury to choose from a wider variety of small capacity motorcycle in many different styles.

We, at Siima MotoWear have picked the top 5 motorcycles under 400cc that we believe are the best to date:

Honda Rebel 300


Honda is one of the most demanding brands across the world. The quality of their motorcycles can be assumed with its outstanding durability and name in the market. When you are thinking about selecting the adventurous bike under 300cc, the Honda rebel is what you should always need to pick for yourself.

The rebel brand is dominating around the world since the 80s. The most important thing to be noted here is that Honda plonked the 286cc single in the rebel as well. You will get a modernized look to cover your long adventurous trip with this motorcycle without any hurdle.

The bike also comes in 500cc, but those of you feeling frisky about it can also consider the 300cc for their needs. The rebel is capable enough to transfer all of your long adventurous trip hassles into comfort experience.

The price of this bike is approximately $4,399, which is quite affordable in the list of under 300cc motorcycles. The best part about this bike is that you don’t have to invest more in it to carry it for a long time. It comes with a robust body structure, which will help you to ride on this bike as long as you can.



When you are thinking about handling a bike with some big shoes, that’s where your needs will get fulfilled with this category of BMW Motorcycle. The GS moniker in this model made it easier for all the long-trip freaks to cover the distance without hurdles.

If we generally talk about this bike, so it comes with the outstanding suspension under sprung and better power experience. The standard of this bike is exceptional, which keeps it unique as compared to others.

The playing field of this bike is far better than the competitor’s versys-x and Royal Enfield Himalayan. The bike has come with a very outstanding solid entry in the BMW family. Because of that, it provides you the best adventurous biking experience of your life.

Kawasaki Versys-x 300:


If you are considering comfort and fun in the seashores and jungles, the Kawasaki is something you just need to think about as your next pick in 2020 as an adventurous bike list. Versys category in the Kawasaki motorcycles is offering versatility for your riding experience, which you may never get in the same cc category of other bikes.

After purchasing this motorcycle, your thousands of miles will cover without any fear of engine issue. It will always give you a smooth experience despite any limitations of roads. You will easily conquer any destination while traveling on this motorcycle. It’s also considered as the ruling champ for most of the riders who want to visit any of the places without any hurdle.

With around $5,399 of price tag, you will get a bike with all of the specifications you can see on the more upgraded cc of the bike. The fuel consumption of this bike is also manageable just to not put a lot of burden on your pockets.

Honda CB300R:


If we talk about the model line of 300cc, there are many motorcycles Honda has made just to ease the needs of bike riders. Due to the reliability of this company, our fourth and the second in this list also choose from the Honda Company.

The Honda CB300R is another beast under 300cc, capable enough to handle all of your adventurous riding experience. The bike is designed in a way to provide full protection to the rider just to make their riding experience smooth for the entire riding time.

The overall specifications of this bike are very supportive of transferring your hurdles into comfort. The outstanding shocks will give you a smooth experience while riding this bike in seashores, rocks, mountains, or any other surface.

KTM 390 Duke


Technically, the KTM390 duke doesn’t enter in the list of 300cc adventurous bike. However, the less difference in the price tag of this bike as compared to the remaining should need to be considered by the bike lovers. With around $5,299 price tag of this motorcycle, you will get more in this bike, which you may never think about in the above bikes.


Just spending a little more on this bike, you will get an advanced full-stack specification in your adventurous riding experience. The KTM 390 Duke is better in class, detailing, and performance as compared to the remaining ones. That’s why we have mentioned it in the list of 300cc, so the rider can think more and spend the money on something better.

Nowadays motorcycle market has countless of models to satisfy every rider. Any suggestions on your best motorcycle under 400cc? Leave your comments below.

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